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Wiebe Carlson Associates Word Games

Wiebe Carlson Associates
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Manufacturer Part Number: WCA6316Word Pond IIfor grades 4-6Enrich vocabulary through synonym and antonym play in Word Pond II! The... game introduces a total of 192 words spanning three grade levels. Three sets of 48 color-coded sentence cards—Synonyms A, Synonyms B, and Antonyms--provide contexts for inferring the meaning of unfamiliar words. Learn synonyms and antonyms for words such as dim, adventurous, enlarge, honor, blurry, proud, plentiful, obstruct, and essential. The unique design of the game board divides words into eight clusters of lily pads, helping players focus on a small number of words at a time. Two clusters have fourth grade words and three clusters each have fifth and sixth grade words. Tailor the game to players' needs by choosing which grade-specific clusters to play. The goal is to land on a lily pad with the synonym (or antonym) on the sentence card and claim the card. Includes instructions for additional games as well as assessment masters to help Read More

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