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Trivia Games

Kid-friendly trivia games help children use their noggin to answer interesting questions, testing knowledge and teaching facts along the way. You can opt for board games the whole family can enjoy or handheld games your kid can use by himself. Be sure to buy trivia games made for your child's age and ability so he won't be discouraged by difficult questions.
University Games
$18.49 $17.49 at Target

Find board games at! Now you can host your own pub trivia game at home with university games pub trivia game. It's the ...good old-fashioned team trivia game that's super fun. See who's head is packed with the most trivial info. The set has everything you need to get started: scoring pads, cards and pencils. For 4 or more players. Ages 12 and up. Read More

$18.99 $18.04 at Kohl's

The trivia game that's heaven to play. Fresh, new game play encourages positive thinking about the Bible's teachings, and includes... 100 children's questions, making it easier for all age groups to play together! Answer a question correctly and move ahead. If you land on a Judgement space, you may trade places, challenge other players, and more! Includes 750 Adult Questions and 100 Children's Questions, 14 Judgement Cards, 4 playing pieces, 1 die, game board, and instructions. For 2 to 4 Players or Teams, Ages 7 and Up. Read More

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