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Think Fun Word Games

Think Fun
$19.99 at Kmart

Just how smart is your mouth? Find out with a word game designed to stretch your brain! The sturdy, blue Letter-Getter shows you t...wo letters. One is the first letter of your word, the other is the last letter. Be the first to shout out a word to win the round and collect the letters. S/he with the most letters wins the game! Five additional game variations-some especially for littler word-puzzlers- assure this game will be making fun for you and your family for a long time. A 2001 Parents' Choice Approved Award Winner.A 2002 Mensa Select Award Winner. Read More

Think Fun
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The Fast-Paced Word Race This take-anywhere word game will have you flexing your vocabulary muscles through fast-paced fun play! P...layers draw 2 to 5 letters at a time, and the first to call out a word containing these letters wins the tiles! Simple, educational, and creative fun for players of all abilities... Mini Mouth is great brain-building play for kids and adults alike! Ages: 8 to adult Players: Multi-player Read More

Think Fun
$10.28 at Amazon

Race to Unravel the Word! Recommended by American Mensa, 2013. Major Fun Award - Puzzles - 2013 and featured in Good Housekeepin...g. Who knew that positioning a word in one continuous ring would make it so tricky to read? The challenge in WordARound is to quickly figure out where the word starts and to read it aloud before your opponents. The game seems so simple, but you'll find yourself baffled as you race to spot and call out words! Ages: 10 to adult Players: 2 or more Read More

Think Fun
$19.95 at Kaplan Toys

Now, the kid-favorite Zingo game comes in Spanish too. This classic game will challenge players to fill their Zingo cards with mat...ching tiles from the Zingo Zinger. The first to complete the cards will be named the winner. Besides being a ton of fun, kids will be inspired to practice their Spanish vocabulary, word recognition, and memory skills while playing this bilingual edition of Zingo. Specs: Includes 8 double-sided Zingo cards in English and Spanish, 72 double-sided picture tiles in English and Spanish, and 1 Zingo Zinger For 2-8 players Features 2 levels of play Features and Benefits: Zingo Spanish edition for bilingual fun and learning Encourages word recognition, vocabulary, and memory skills - Highly educational Rules can be adjusted depending on player age Length of game can be varied WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Read More

Think Fun
$19.97 at Amazon

Build Reading Skills, Three Letters at a Time This word building version of Zingo! is the perfect confidence booster for early r...eaders! Ideal for players who are just learning how to put letters together to form words, it's great for teaching spelling and vocabulary. With two levels of play, it's designed to engage and support both beginner and more experienced readers. Just slide the Zinger and claim tiles to fill your Zingo! card with three letter words-pure Zingo "F-U-N!" Ages: 5 and up Players: 2 - 6 Read More

Think Fun
$19.99 at Magic Beans

Although a child's first stabs at reading usually involve sounding out words based on what letters sound like, eventually they pro...gress to sight reading: recognizing full words at a quick glance by their shape. The most commonly used sight words aren't always straightforward in pronunciation or spelling, either (think here, like, said, etc.), and these important vocabulary words account for as much as 75% of written material, so knowing sight words is a must for quick and fluent reading. The best way to learn sight words is to practice reading them, and the Thinkfun Zingo Sight Words learning game makes reading practice fun. This educational variation on Bingo requires kids to fill their Zingo card with tiles from the Zingo Zinger device, competing against each other to get it filled fastest. Read More

Think Fun
$20.00 at Amazon

Zingo! Sight Words brings young children the fun of the classic game of bingo while they learn to recognize sight words. Players l...earn to quickly read these important, commonly used words that don't always "sound out" easily, such as that and our. The interactive Zinger! machine lets your child slide the dispenser to release two word tiles, recognize and read the words, then see if the words match the squares on their word card. The first player to fill all the squares on their card with tiles is the winner. Read More

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