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Strategy games, including such classic family favorites as Risk and Battleship, challenge your child to develop logic and critical-thinking skills. Many strategy games -- whether you choose video games, board games, or handheld electronic games -- come in age-appropriate versions that will keep your child entertained and engaged.
Pywacket Games
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Cromlet Cromlet -- a little luck, a little strategy and a whole lot of fun. A unique game design where no one is the clear winner ...until the very last move. Cards are played, crowns are laid, Cromlets are claimed and dead cards often remain. Sounds easy, but wait, replacement cards may be drawn, wild cards may cause a spoil, and a player's strategy may cause turmoil. Players never know when a Cromlet will be claimed and timing is everything in this game. Suddenly a player claims their maximum number of Cromlets, and their strategy switches to blocking other player's moves. Players will try to foil each other's moves. Enter into the mix six wild cards that may be played at any time, along with the rule that occasionally forces a player to claim a Cromlet with a low point value, and you have a very fun, strategic and interactive game called Cromlet. Contents include 1 game board, 170 colored crowns, 138 playing cards, 1 score pad, and illustrated instructions. Read More

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