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Puremco Dominoes

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Enjoy a colorful spin on dominoes! Game play is similar to regular color dominoes, but some easy-to-learn rules and unique Spinner... dominoes add a fun twist to this version of the game! Comes packaged in a colorful tin. Read More

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Puremco Spinner - The Game of Wild Dominoes A dyanamic double 9 domino game plus 11 Spinner pieces as wild dominoes. A great combi...nation of other domino games, with the wild Spinner dominoes used to keep the game going. This exciting and popular Spinner dominoes game was invented by Dr. and Mrs. Edna F. Graham of Abiline, Texas in 1983. The spinner dominoes game is manufactured and distributed by Puremco. 55 standard size dominoes with colored dots and 11 extra Spinner dominoes emblazoned with the bold Spinner symbol making it ?wild? and playable anywhere. Exciting new tin packaging. The Spinner Dominoes and Tin Package allows 2-8 players. Recommended Ages:8 and up Dimensions: 6.79in length x 3.2in width x 7.4in height Read More

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Spinner is a domino variant that has two major differences from standard dominoes. Firstly, some of the dominoes have a wild symbo...l for one of the faces. Also, double dominoes are built off of in four directions. Read More

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4101200 Features: -Double 9 dominoes chicken foot.-Double 9 domino, 55 tiles.-Easier handling, and with ostrich-textured, heavy du...ty, vinyl case.-Great game for family, friend.-For 2-6 players. Dimensions: -Overall Dimensions: 8.5'' H x 5.3'' W x 2.4'' D. Read More

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91 Double-12 dominoes with large, recessed, colored numbers instead of dots. Eases the playing of all domino games, especially Mex...ican Train and Chickenfoot. Easy to see and match across the game table. Incredibly faster to count scores at the end of each game. Includes eight train markers, clear plastic centerpiece and rules to Mexican Train, Chickenfoot and six other domino games. 2 to 8 players. Read More

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Chickenfoot is the perfect mix of simplicity and intrigue to get friends together for some fun and these fun size tiles let you the fun with you! Includes 545 Fun Size, Double 9, Number Dominoes, Centerpiece, and rules for Chickenfoot, Mexican Train, Straight Dominoes and Solitaire. Read More

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