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Pressman Dominoes

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Kids of all ages enjoy playing dominoes. This Double-Six Domino Set has 28 tiles: seven suits (blank, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), each with... seven members. A double-six is the "heaviest" domino; a double-blank is the "lightest" domino. This set works for most of the traditional domino games including Forty-Two, Mexican Train, Chicken foot and more. Read More

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(deluxe Double Six Dominoes With Case (ea)). Catalog Code:(163xxxxx),sku:(1238211)-features 28 Jumbo Crystalline Dominoes, Vinyl C...ase And Rules. For 2- 4 Players. Ages 7 And Up. Deluxe Double Six Dominoes With Case Board Games Read More

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Double the fun with these 55 large, solid hardwood dominoes for loads of fun. For 2-7 players ages 7 and up.

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