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Patch Products
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You?ve got to let loose in this wild word-grabbing game! You never know what words the roll of the letter dice will make...just fi...nd them fast and shout them out to be sure you get them before anyone else! Read More

Patch Products
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<div class="aplus"><div class="two-third-col"><div style="width: 250px" class="leftImage"><img alt="Chain Letters Word Board Game"... src="" width="210" height="210"><div class="imageCaption">A fun family game.</div></div><div style="width: 250px" class="leftImage"><img alt="" src="" width="210" height="210"><div class="imageCaption">Which words can you manage to hook?</div></div><div style="width: 250px" class="leftImage"><img alt="" src="" width="210" height="210"><div class="imageCaption">Three colors represent three point levels.</div></div><h5>Chain Letters Game</h5><p>Sure, you can think of a word to spell, but can you find the letters you need and hook them together without dropping your chain? Liveliness and skill combine to make Chain Letters a unique word game that the whole family will enjoy. Everyone will be hooked! Some assembly required.</p><h5>A Unique Word Game</h5><p>Word games are fun and keep your mind active, but this one keeps your body active too. It's nothing strenuous, but you've got to be able to hold a chain of letters steady and hook more on to make a word. It's a lot like your familiar hook-play games, but here you want to hook specific letters in order to spell the word you have in mind. It's definitely a lively twist on word games.</p><h5>The Whole Family will be Hooked</h5><p>This is a game the whole family can play and have fun with together. Make long or short words and earn one point for every orange hook, two points for every green hook, and three points for every red hook. So, trying to make a long word may not be the best route to take...try to use the higher-point hooks and just try not to let any letters in your chain fall. If you drop one, you're turn is over. The family will enjoy watching to see what word is being spelled and the anticipation of will-it-or-won't-it fall. </p><h5>Great for the Classroom</h5><p>This word game works well in the classroom, keeping students engaged and interested in words. They may be spelling and developing sportsmanship skills, but they're also having fun.</p></div><div class="third-col last"><h5>Includes:</h5><ul><li>100 Hooks </li><li>Sticker Sheet </li><li>Game Rules</li></ul></div><div class="break"></div></div> Read More

Patch Products
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Are you ready to be flashed? Everyone hears the question and thinks it's soooo easy, but once the random 2-second flasher gets, you could be caught off guard or even left speechless. You gotta be ready for surprise turns and stolen answers in this frantically fast, fantastically fun game! Requires 3 AAA batteries. For 2 to 5 players. Read More

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