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Fat Brain Toy Co.
$21.95 at Kaplan Toys

The practice of not counting your chickens before they're hatched is a very old one: as early as 1570, poet Thomas Howell wrote: C...ounte not thy Chickens that vnhatched be, Waye wordes as winde, till thou finde certaintee. But sometimes, if you're going to win, you've got to track your chickens very carefully, as in the game of Peek-A-Doodle Doo from Fat Brain Toys ! This adorable preschool game doesn't require counting so much as matching and memory: players need to keep track of which chickens are sitting on an egg and which ones aren't in order to win. The game has two phases: Find the Eggs! Find out which chickens have an egg underneath, collect their eggs, and return them to the crate. Read More

Fat Brain Toy Co.
$26.95 at Kaplan Toys

Fat Brain Toy Co Inchimals Learning Math is fun with Fat Brain Toy Co Inchimals. Kids learn to add, subtract and multiply. The gam...e enhances interaction and mathematics skills. Introduce mathematical concepts such as distance, height, length and perimeter. Why You'll Love It: Kids also learn to identify animals with the help of these blocks. Age: 3 years and up Features Fun and educational Durable and sturdy Enhances cognitive skills Read More

Fat Brain Toy Co.
$24.99 at Magic Beans

Do you have the drive to win? The Speed Bump family game from Fat Brain Toy road-tests your visual-spatial reasoning and fast thin...king, and provides fun competition with plenty of suspense for the whole family! Speed Bump is a shape-matching game that uses the familiar symbols of road signs in dizzying combinations. Each player has four tiles with four symbols, and two game modes challenge your matching skills: Road Race #1: Turn your tiles to match a challenge card with road signs on it. Road Race #2: Turn your tiles to match a challenge card with only partial shadow outlines. Much tougher and more fun! The first player to match the challenge card gets to hit the Speed Bump buzzer, and when the other players confirm you've got it right, you win the round! Kids love hitting the buzzer, and the speedy, easy-to-understand-tough-to-master game play will enthrall adults as well. This is a great game for family game nights, and it's also fun to play as solitaire. Read More

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