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Electronic gadgets keep kids of all ages engaged and entertained. There are learning games to boost math, memory, strategy, and language skills. Other interactive games are simply intended to provide hours of fun. Give your child computer games, handheld video games, tabletop electronic games, or electronic versions of popular board games.
Turtle Beach
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The Ear Force Z1 delivers high-quality sound, rugged construction and superior comfort in a compact design that's easy to carry with your gaming gear. Built for gamers on the go, the Z1 delivers big sound in a small package and at a great price. Full-sized premium speakers bring out every detail in the game so you can react quickly to sound cues. Read More

Turtle Beach
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It's the final 10 seconds of the game, and you're down by four. With the ball on your opponent's 30-yard line, you call the play t...hat will soon prove to be your shining moment. You approach the line, and you can hear him barking taunts through your TV. Surveying the defense, you notice that his cornerback is out of position and you call a streak. You hike the ball and the cornerback blitzes, just as your receiver tears up the field. You hit the button and launch a prayer. Being wide open, your receiver snatches the ball out of the air and lands in the end zone. The win and the glory are yours and your opponent has nothing to say. Hear every reload, taunt, direction and footstep with the Ear Force XP400 Wireless Dolby Surround Sound Gaming Headset for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Dive into exciting gameplay with this headset that features 50mm speakers with neodymium magnets and Dolby Surround Sound for immersive 360 audio. Enjoy clear communication with your teammates or when talking trash to your competition with dual-pairing Bluetooth technology which allows for wireless chat over Xbox LIVE and the PlayStation Network and lets you answer phone calls while gaming. Keep your ears protected against deafening game sounds like gunfire and explosions with the Ear Guard with Blast Limiter. Personalize your audio and carefully balance game and chat sounds with equalizer presets and independent volume controls. Featuring a state-of-the-art 2.4/5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi connection, the headset virtually eliminates network interference with other wireless devices for clear, consistent communication. Hear the voices of other players through the excitement as the Dynamic Chat Boost automatically increases the chat volume to match increases in game volume. Stay comfortable during lengthy gaming sessions thanks to the breathable mesh ear cushions. With unparalleled audio quality, innovative connection technologies and an array of comfort and convenience features, this headset gives you the competitive advantage you need in the world of online gaming. Read More

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McNaughton Glass Gaming Console Wall Shelf Glass gaming console wall shelf is a sleek, convenient way to store and display your electronic components: Cable box, VR, DVD player, and your game consoles, like Xbox 360, PS3, and Nintendo Wii! Stylish and strong, the shelf is made of black tempered glass shelf and the bracket is made of steel. Features: -Super strong steel bracket.-Tempered glass construction.-Black color.-Style: Glass Shelf.-Number Of Shelves: 1.Dimensions: -Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 12.5.-Overall Width - Side to Side: 10.-Overall Depth - Front to Back: 2.-Overall Product Weight: 0.44.Warranty: -1 Year manufacturer warranty length. WS-100 Read More

Maximum Family Games
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Worms Revolution Collection - PlayStation 3 PS3 Edition Worms The Revolution Collection is the definitive gathering of everyone's ...favorite garden-dwelling grenadiers. Loaded with new features, dynamic effects and a host of explosive missions, now two classic Worms titles are combined into one fiery collection. Worms Revolution ?Features the popular Worms Revolution and Worms 2: Armageddon, plus a total of 7 DLC packs ?Loaded with new features, dynamic effects and a host of explosive missions ?All-new cartoon carnage with the introduction of Super Sheep, Napalm Strikes, Earthquakes, and the legendary Concrete Donkey Dimensions: 6.7in length x 5.29in width x 0.6in height Read More

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Discover a watery world of learning and laughter on 3 field trips with Molly, Gil, Bubble Puppy, and all your Bubble Guppy friends...! As you explore with the class, learn about science and social studies while building listening comprehension skills. Visit the Puppy Park to learn about recycling, Big Bubble City to learn about people and places, and a dinosaur dig site to find fossils. Plus, earn Bubble Badges and collect items along the way! Age 3-5 years Features Help the Bubble Guppies clean up the Puppy Park: Sort recycling and trash, and match animals with their habitats and foods. As you play, collect Bubble Bites?Bubble Puppy's favorite snack! Then search under shells to find Bubble Puppy's ball! Visit Big Bubble City to learn about the people and things you can see in a city, and to watch a fin-tastic fireworks celebration. Discover city places and people, and collect city items along the way. Then have a blast helping to make as many fireworks sparkle before time runs out! Go on a trip to a dinosaur dig site with Gil and discover facts about the prehistoric world. Help him collect bones and fossils to complete a skeleton, and then answer questions to identify, sort and match fossils. When you're done collecting, use your memory in a bonus game to match fossils as fast as you can! With 5 curricular mini-games, 3 bonus games and 3 activities, every level of play is packed full of exciting things to discover! Learning Difference "Children can be a part of the Bubble Guppies learning environment, discovering social studies and science topics while nurturing their natural curiosity and inquisitiveness. Along the way, children build vocabulary and listening comprehension skills key to early reading as they learn about recycling, animal habitats, fossils and people and places in the community." ?Carolyn J., LeapFrog Learning Expert Works with Works with LeapPad2 Explorer, LeapPad1 Explorer, LeapsterGS Explorer and Leapster Explorer (sold separately). Recommended Ages:3 ? 5 Dimensions: 0.46in length x 1.77in width x 1.25in height Read More

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In Disney?Pixar's Monsters University, winning the Scare Games will take more than a big roar?use your problem-solving skills to h...elp Mike and Sulley! Using clever thinking and stealth maneuvers, make your way through different locations. Are your scare skills up to the challenge? Age 4-7 years Features Train to be a top Scarer while progressing through 24 levels! Each level of learning puts your mind to the test?solving logic puzzles and tactical mini-games to unlock shortcuts, find Scare Cards and collect dorm decor. Navigate your way across campus as you sneak to your destination! Strategize a path through obstacles and enemies using objects you find and evasion tactics. As you go, 2 problem-solving mini games challenge your scare skills. Identify pairs of matching monsters memorabilia before time runs out! Use deductive reasoning skills to find the monster that holds the hidden key! Let your inner monster loose! Pick parts to create your own monster. You can even monsterize your own face and bring your creation to life by recording monster roars with the built-in camera and microphone on LeapPad learning tablets and LeapsterGS Explorer! Finally, put your monster to the test and see how much scream energy you can collect! Learning Difference "As Mike and Sulley learn, setting up the perfect monster scare is a challenging problem to be solved using wits and perseverance. In this game, each level exercises children's logic skills, requiring them to rely on tools in the environments to overcome opponents and obstacles. Children are encouraged to test strategies, learn from mistakes and try again until they set up the perfect scare." - Clement C., LeapFrog Learning Expert Works with Works with LeapPad2 Explorer, LeapPad1 Explorer, LeapsterGS Explorer, and Leapster Explorer (Sold separately. NOTE: In-game camera and microphone functions are not compatible with Leapster Explorer.) Recommended Ages:4 ? 7 Dimensions: 0.46in length x 1.77in width x 1.25in height Weight: 0.09lb Read More

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Join your My Little Pony friends for high-flying adventures while putting a stop to Discord's latest tricks! On each adventure, ha...rness the magic of mathematics to retrieve the Elements of Harmony and bring Equestria back into balance. Play four learning mini games that reinforce math skills like probability, measurement and more! Age 5-8 years Features Adventure across Equestria to help Princess Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy recover the Elements of Harmony! First, use counting and part-whole relationships to help Applejack pack each Pony's saddle so she's balanced for her flight. Then take to air, using skill and smart timing to earn and collect stars--and new pony flight powers! Visit Rarity's shop to get upgrades and improve flight power! On their journeys, the Ponies are challenged to use probability and mathematics to face off against Discord's doubles in learning mini-games. Choose the spinner that will move the pony farthest and fastest, and race until the end to win. Use problem-solving skills and knowledge of operations to identify the animated equations that solve word problems. Count apples and determine the probability that a certain color will fall from the tree. Once the Ponies have completed their six journeys, celebrate friendship and Pony Power! Learning Difference "Early mathematical experiences are highly important for later academic achievement, and My Little Pony Friendship is Magic brings together foundational skills such as addition and subtraction with extremely important but less familiar skills like probability--one of the most useful branches of mathematics. Studying probability can help children develop critical thinking skills and make informed decisions about the probability that surrounds them in the real world on a daily basis." - Jody L., LeapFrog Learning Expert Works With LeapPad2 Explorer, LeapPad1 Explorer, LeapsterGS Explorer and Leapster Explorer. Recommended Ages:5 ? 8 Dimensions: 0.46in length x 1.77in width x 1.25in height Weight: 0.05lb Read More

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Welcome to the Sweet Little Shops! It's an extra special week at the market, and Hello Kitty needs you! Help her manage all six sh...ops, meet new friends and use mathematics to serve customers, fill orders, sort groceries, pack up goodies and more. Complete quests to unlock all five themed days and earn stickers to decorate your photos. Play 3 levels of market fun to solve a total of 40 quests! Age 4-7 years Features Every level is a new day packed full of fun! As you visit all the shops with the day's theme, play mathematics games to complete quests and earn friendship points to advance. With up to 10 themed quests in each day, there's always something new to learn and discover! Five mini games include: Filling orders using charts; estimating the correctly sized package to hold your goodies; catching the right mix of numbered ingredients for a tasty treat; sorting grocery items on conveyor belts; and searching for the correct number of items. Plus, play four fun activities: Use your estimation skills to guess how many jellybeans are in the jellybean jar and construct a chart to see your friends' favorite flavor of the day. Earn stickers as you play and use the built-in camera on LeapPad learning tablets and LeapsterGS Explorer to take, create and decorate photos Hello Kitty style. Learning Difference "A robust, diverse title for developing mathematicians, Hello Kitty brings together foundational skills such as number recognition and shape knowledge with equally important but less familiar skills such as estimation and reading tables, charts, and graphs. The game is set in recognizable, lifelike scenarios, showing children that mathematics is all around them and is important for real life." - Jody L., LeapFrog Learning Expert Works with Works with LeapPad2 Explorer, LeapPad1 Explorer, LeapsterGS Explorer and Leapster Explorer (sold separately). Recommended Ages:4 - 7 Dimensions: 0.46in length x 1.77in width x 1.25in height Weight: 0.09lb Read More

Hasbro Games
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No Assembly Required Hasbro Games Monopoly Electronic Banking The Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition game combines the best of cl...assic Monopoly with updated electronic transactions. As with the original version, players still operate with money, learn real-world economics, competition and strategy, try to stay out of jail and try their best to get filthy rich. But this version has been updated to reflect changes in how the real world uses money: All transactions are conducted with Monopoly's new banking card system. Anyone age 8 and up will enjoy this updated version of one of the world's most famous games. It uses two AAA batteries, which are not included. It also includes a gameboard, electronic banker unit, title deed cards, Chance and Community Chest cards, 6 debit cards, 2 dice, 6 modern tokens -- Segway Personal Transporter, Baseball Cap, Altoids Tin, Space Shuttle, Flat-Screen TV and Dog in Handbag, 32 houses, 12 hotels and instructions. Product Dimensions: 15.8 (L) by 2 (W) by 10.5 (H) Age: 8 years and up Recommended Ages:8 ? 12 Read More

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