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Chronicle Books Star Wars

Chronicle Books
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BEEPaboo Wijiwiji WEEoEE. R2 units are resourceful droids that can be of assistance to you, if you know how to communicate with th...em. Learn their beeps and boops with a book that will guide you through common situations, such as persuading an R2 droid wait staff to serve hors d'oeuvres or repair an X-wing, complete with an interactive sound module recorded by R2-D2 himself. Brand: Chronicle Books. Style Name: 'Star Wars How to Speak Droid' Book. Style Number: 969169. Manufacturer part number 9781452113937 For ages 7 and upHardcover By Chronicle Books; imported Kids' Wear Star Wars is a trademark of Lucasfilm Read More

Chronicle Books
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This <em>Star Wars</em> game in a book provides hours of fun for thumb-wrestling masters or their apprentices. Opponents Velcro on... the lightsabers included (one blue, one red); open the book to one of seven durable "game board" pages depicting classic <em>Star Wars</em> battles; stick their thumbs through the holes; and use the Force (of thumb and imagination) to wrestle to victory! Read More

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