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Briarpatch Fancy Nancy Card Game Stylish Fancy Nancy is now here with a complete makeover. In Briarpatch Fancy Nancy Card Game, pl...ayer needs to collect fancy accessories, which may make them look cool and trendy. The player needs to collect as many adorable fancy accessory cards as they can. Choose from a range of products such as ballet slippers, tiara, sunglasses, purse, ring, wand and so on. The first player to have a complete set wins the game. Young kids too may find it much easier to play this game as they may select the trendy accessories just by viewing the picture card. Why You'll Love It: Collect trendy items as quickly as possible to win the game. Age: 5 years and up Features Helps teach kids to sort and select items quickly Helps promote cooperative and competitive play Requires no reading skills Read More

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Briarpatch Dinosaurs Duel Card Game Get ready for a grand fight as kids get these magnificent beasts go head to head. The winner i...s determined by the strength of each dinosaur's value and the player who takes the most hand wins. This fun-filled card game is a great way for kids to spend many fun hours, whether indoors or outdoors. Why You'll Love It: Kids may have a blast with this card game that'll keep them entertained for hours and also help develop their social and strategic skills. Age: 4 years and up Features Features 48 jumbo cards Intended for 2 to 4 players Ready to play cards Recommended Ages:4 – 8 Read More

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Battle for supremacy of the Jurassic era with Dino Duel Card Game! Can your Tyrannosaurus Rex defeat your opponent's Apatosaurus? ...Launch your attacks based on the strength of your dinosaur's value. Collect the most cards after a series of battles to win Dino Duel Card Game! Read More

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