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Brain Games

Educational games build language, science, and logic skills. Use them to give your little one a head start on her studies or to keep her mind sharp during school breaks. Options include puzzles, IQ games, brainteasers, strategy games, and math games.
Discovery Kids
$39.99 $15.99 at Kohl's

Bring play time and learning everywhere you go with the Discovery Kids Exploration Laptop. This state-of-the-art, fully loaded kid...s laptop allows you to play math games, word puzzles, music, and more, placing hassle-free, no mess entertainment at your kids fingertips all of the time. Perfectly compact and wireless, the exploration laptop is convenient and portable for car or plane rides, and fits into most backpacks. Introduce your child to technology with fun games, brain-teasers, music and so much more. Ages: 6+. Requires 4 AA batteries (not included). WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD. Not for children under 3 years of age. Read More

Fred & Friends
$21.99 $14.99 at Wayfair

Fred & Friends Clink Ball Game Rock Glass Test your hand-eye coordination while you drink! Or just find a playful outlet for your ...boundless type-A ice-swirling energy. Clink! Is an amusing hand-blown glass with a rolling-ball maze permanently fired... Read More

Think Fun
$25.99 $16.46 at Kmart

Turn slow afternoon hours to your advantage: a quiet day will take a turn for the better with Turnstile , the logic puzzle by Thin...kFun . Like the popular ThinkFun game Rush Hour , Turnstile is a challenging logic maze that requires players to think a few moves ahead at a time in order to win. The game board is a small grid of squares, and each challenge requires players to set up a series of tokens and turnstiles that can only be moved by pushing a token through them. The goal is to move each colored token into the corner with the matching color. Setup is quick for each challenge, and you'd be surprised how much fun with logic you can get out of so few pieces! Playing ThinkFun Turnstile and other spatial logic games for your brain exercises your child's reasoning and critical thinking skills, and tests their patience, too. The rush of finishing one Turnstile challenge will keep kids coming back for another round of mental exercise, and another, and another, and another. Read More

$24.99 $23.96 at Kmart

Exercise your mind and cultivate patience and attention with this amazing LONPOS 404 Brain Intelligence Puzzle Game. This incredib...le two in one game set contains 180 2D and 224 3D challenges for hours and hours of brain challenging entertainment. Keep your brain stimulated at home or on the road with the LONPOS 404 Brain Intelligence Puzzle Game!Features include:Instruction Manual2D Game Cards3D Game Cards12 Colored Game PiecesLocking Lid180 2D Challenges224 3D ChallengesDimensions: 5 x 4.125 x .75Includes retail packaging Read More

$15.99 $13.49 at Kmart

Lonpos Colorful Cabin 066 - Brain Intelligence Game Lonpos Colorful Cabin 066 - Brain Intelligence Game is a game to train intelli...gence and logical thinking. This interesting game is exciting for children and also brings a lot of long-lasting fun. It also has fundamental functions for brain development and for developing further skills in spatial thinking and geometry for children. Age: 18 months to 6 years Features Fun and exciting Sturdy travel case with pressure lock Has full color manual with problems Trains short term memory Fun and witty Includes Stable Handy box with a pressure lock Colorful building blocks Challenge book Challenge card with challenges Recommended Ages:2 – 6 Read More

Think Fun
$19.99 $15.24 at Kmart

Just how smart is your mouth? Find out with a word game designed to stretch your brain! The sturdy, blue Letter-Getter shows you t...wo letters. One is the first letter of your word, the other is the last letter. Be the first to shout out a word to win the round and collect the letters. S/he with the most letters wins the game! Five additional game variations-some especially for littler word-puzzlers- assure this game will be making fun for you and your family for a long time. A 2001 Parents' Choice Approved Award Winner.A 2002 Mensa Select Award Winner. Read More

HL Games
$24.99 $21.16 at Kmart

AmuseAmaze is the spellbinding word-race game set in a letter maze. It's a game where words don't have to be biggest to be best an...d where even little words are winners. You'll never play the same game twice! Read More

Hasbro Games
$15.99 $13.99 at Kmart

Hasbro Games Taboo Taboo is the game of unspeakable fun. Can you get your team to say Brain Freeze? What if you can't say Ice Crea...m, Headache, Eating, Cold or Fast? Not so easy now, is it? When you play Taboo, the obvious clues are strictly taboo. You have to give creative, carefully-worded clues to get your team to guess words fast. But don't mention unmentionables, or you'll get the buzzer and lose the point. Once you've mastered the classic game, you can use the game-changer die to mix it up. If it lands on One Guesser, only one teammate can guess on your turn. With 4 other possibilities on the die, you'd better be shrewd, quick-thinking and willing to take some risks - but don't get shut down by the buzzer. Product FeaturesClassic Taboo game challenges you to guess words and phrasesYou lose a point if you use any of the Taboo wordsTimer keeps track and buzzes when you're out of timeGame-changer die lets you change up the game once you've mastered the classic versionWhen a describer uses any Taboo words, use the squeaker to squeak themProduct Measures: 2 x 7.9 x 10.5Recommended Ages: 13+ years Read More

$15.99 $10.96 at Kmart

With the fun and challenging Gift Card Maze Brainteaser by Trademark GamesT it is truly better to give than receive! Test the skil...l, patience, coordination and determination of the recipient of the Gift Card Maze Brainteaser.Simply place the gift card of your choosing in the gift card slot of the Gift Card Maze, present the gift, sit back and enjoy the fun as your friends and loved ones attempt to navigate through the maze to unlock the gift!This playful puzzle is fun for all ages and makes a great conversation piece!Features include:Clear Plastic Construction - See the Prize through the MazeMetal Ball - Unlocks Puzzle When Navigated to the Finish2.5 inch Gift Card Slot - Fits Most Gift CardsExterior Dimensions: 4.625 x 3.75 x 2.625 inchesGift Compartment Dimensions: 3.875 x 2.625 x 1.5 inchesIncludes retail packaging Read More

Think Fun
$19.99 $19.92 at Kmart

Tilt Puzzle Game: Up and down, right and left ?? you may want to use a GPS to navigate this logic maze. Choose one of the challeng...e cards and set your pieces. Your goal is to slide the green sliders through the center exit hole using the innovative tilting game board. To make your job a bit trickier, the blue sliders must stay on the grid at all times. With 40 challenges ranging from beginner to expert, Tilt will have your brain moving in all directions. For ages 8+ UPC: 019275010010 Read More

Hasbro Games
$19.99 $19.69 at Kmart

Mousetrap Game Snap the trap and win at Mousetrap! Run through the maze as Sneakers Mouse, Nacho Mouse or Pepper Mouse on spins of... the cheesy spinner. When one of your friends' mouse is in the cheesy trap area and you land on the right space, you've got a chance to catch them in the zany trap made of Hungry Hippo and Girafalaff contraptions. Keep scurrying and scampering until someone gets caught. If you're the first to trap a mouse, you win! Product Features Classic Mousetrap game lets you try to trap your opponents' mice in the wacky trapContraptions connect together to make a trap for any mouse in the cheesy trap spaceReset the trap when it misses a mouseTrap includes character figures like Chasin' Cheeky, Hungry Hippo and GiraffalaffRecommended Ages: 4 Years and upProduct Measures: 3.268 x 15.748 x 10.394 inches Read More

$11.99 $8.70 at Kmart

Learn about numbers and counting with this Brain Quest Play 'n Learn game that rewards correct addition and subtraction answers picture tokens. Read More

Brain Box
$12.99 $9.99 at Kmart

This preschool Brainbox gets them off to a good start! BrainBox is the ten-second memory recall game that challenges players to st...udy a card for ten-seconds then flip it over and answer the questions on the back of the card that correspond with the images on the front of the card. This challenge is pictures only, no reading required! With tons of fun and quirky pictures, kids love studying the the cards to discover new details every time they look! Can they remember the color of the birds riding on the elephant's back? Made from a minimum of 70% recycled material, the BrainBox range of games is fabulous fun for any age. Read More

University Games
$21.99 $16.60 at Kmart

Gizmo and his Brain Quest friends come to life in this game of seek and find! Players race to find images of Gizmo and his Brain Q...uest friends in various disguises. The winner is the first and fastest to find the hidden characters. More than 100 images in all. Read More

University Games
$12.99 $11.22 at Kmart

University Games Brain Box- World How much can you remember in 10- seconds? Meet the BrainBox, the ultimate memorization game wher...e players have 10 seconds to absorb as much information from their card as possible to answer the questions on the opposite side. It's all in the details!Product Measures:Recommended Ages: 8 Years & Up Read More

University Games
$11.99 $9.99 at Kmart

Numbers Counting Game is a fun way for kids to get comfortable with numbers. Kids use Picture cards to perform addition and subtra...ction problems while collecting Picture Tokens for their scoring boards. Numbers Counting Game teaches young children number recognition and counting skills. Read More

$24.99 $19.32 at Kmart

Pick a winner with Gooey Louie. Put your finger up his nose and try to pick a winner. Watch out. . if you pick the wrong gooey's eyes will pop, he'll flip his lid and his brain will fly out! Gooey Louie provides hours of outrageous fun for everyone. Read More

University Games
$21.99 $15.64 at Kmart

How well do you know the colors of the rainbow? This game of sun, sand, and sequences will have players working together to put set of cards in the correct order. Players can use Beach Booster Cards to get a step ahead. Master all the sequences and beat your high score! Read More

University Games
$11.99 $9.99 at Kmart

Alphabet Letter Game introduces children to the alphabet by teaching the difference between big and little letters. Players spin t...he spinner and search for the card that matches the space they land on. The letters correspond to object names, helping children learn to make letter and word associations by using visual clues. Read More

University Games
$21.99 $15.64 at Kmart

Make family nights more fun and educational with this Brain Quest Game. You simply need to get four of the same colors in a row to... win, but it's not that easy because of The Hidden Force that can defeat you in a single move. This magnetic board game changes every time you play, offering over 245,000 combinations. It is designed for ages 8 years and up. Read More

University Games
$12.99 $10.61 at Kmart

University Games Brain Box - USA How much can you remember in 10- seconds? Meet the BrainBox, the ultimate memorization game where... players have 10 seconds to absorb as much information from their card as possible to answer the questions on the opposite side. It's all in the details!Product Measures:Recommended Ages: 8 Years & Up Read More

$11.99 $9.75 at Kmart

Challenge your mind and relax after a long day with this Hanayama Cast Puzzle. This product is an excellent way to spice up game t...ime and bond with friends and family. The high-quality finish on this Dolce Brainteaser Puzzle, along with its solid and durable metal-cast pieces ensures that it will last for many years to come. Read More

Popular Playthings
$19.99 $16.31 at Kmart

Welcome to BRAINO, the game with the mechanical brain! Braino is a game that can figure out how to beat you every time you play. T...he rules are simple... the player who takes the LAST BALL LOSES or the player that takes the LAST BALL WINS. You choose which way you want to play. Each game starts by rolling the 15 balls to the top row of the game. You and Braino alternate turns, taking 1, 2, or 3 balls on each turn (Braino will do this automatically). Whoever has to take the last ball determines the winner. So what are you waiting for? May the best brain win! Read More

Learning Resources
$29.99 $23.99 at Kmart

Put your best-laid plans into motion with this brain-boosting, make-you-think game! Build a maze with curvy, colorful pieces by fo...llowing the designs pictured on the Activity Cards. Then, push hand-eye coordination to the limit as you map a path through the maze, tilting the board and guiding the ball around the obstacles and into the goal. Give it a try by creating your own design! It's a one-of-a-kind challenge that revs up engineering and critical thinking skills. Endless combinations of designs provide multiple levels of play. Includes maze board and base, 17 maze pieces, four balls (two red, two blue) and 10 Activity Cards. Read More

University Games
$21.99 $15.64 at Kmart

in Brain Quest States by University Games, players study the map of the United States and then move around the map game board and ...answer questions about cities, states, lakes, rivers, oceans, national parks, crops, industries, and more. When they answer a question correctly, they'll earn that state's flag. The first player to collect 6 state flags wins the game. For 2-4 players. Founded on April 1st, 1985, University Games Company has developed and manufactured over 200 games in the past 24 years. University Games was founded by Bob Moog and Cris Lehman. Bob and Cris always loved playing games with their families, and grew up thinking that fun and learning were a part of everyday life. As adults, they recognized a developing niche in social interaction and learning games for adults and children, and that is how University Games began. The company philosophy has always been to offer games that encourage social interaction and imagination through gameplay, with learning sprinkled in to season the game. Read More

PlaSmart 1006248
$21.99 $17.70 at Kmart

Spin Master Perplexus Maze Game - A maze game where players must maneuver a small marble around challenging barriers inside a tran...sparent sphere. Provides a three dimensional experience. Shift, flip, and twist the sphere to guide the marble. PlaSmart Perplexus Maze Game is: Entertaining Educational Great for fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination No set-up, clean-up or batteries - Perplexus The most fun you'll have with a maze! This is not the maze puzzles of the past that you knew and grew bored of. Read More

$10.99 $9.89 at Kmart

Lonpos Cosmic Creature took 21 years to create. It has 8 levels ranging from easy to hard that challenge different areas of your b...rain. Anyone can find a level that best suits them. The different colors and shapes help to stimulate your mind which can increase brain health as well as your IQ! The instruction & challenge booklet comes with a total of 107 different challenges. This pocket-sized game is a must have travel item, educational toy, learning resource and cognitive work-out tool. Features Include: * Cosmic Creature game plate * 12 Cosmic Creature Blocks * Cosmic Creature Instruction & * Challenges booklet * 107 different challenges * Game kit measures 4.5 x 3.5 x .75 inches Read More

$19.99 $17.99 at Novica

Rakesh Pathak challenges patience and dexterity with an entertaining labyrinth. He carves it by hand from sheesham wood, creating a maze along the wood's patterned grain. Includes three stainless steel marbles. Read More

D3 Publisher
$29.96 $9.99 at

Family Party: 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade brings home wacky and wild competitions for kids of all ages. Exclusively for the Wii... U system from Nintendo, Obstacle Arcade lets players participate in over 30 party games specifically designed for multiplayer. Delivering an unmatched combination of variety and value, it features dozens of hysterical obstacle courses, popular sporting events, and arcade and brain challenges.Family Party: 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade takes players to Family Party Land, a magical island loaded with a combination of familiar games and over-the-top challenges. Dodge barrels, ride horses, skydive, shoot rockets, kick goals, and more. Rule the island by earning medals and high scores, and unlocking new games. Read More

$39.82 $19.96 at

Everyone's favorite blue dude with 'tude, Sonic the Hedgehog, blasts his way onto the Nintendo DS and takes high-speed action to a whole new level, literally! Sonic pairs up with royalty - Queen, Blaze the Cat - from another dimension to save the universe from utter destruction. Sonic Rush takes full advantage of the dual screens on the Nintendo DS system to deliver a frenetic adventure with dizzying dives, near vertical curves, extreme jumps, brain-twisting loops and more! Read More

The Game Factory
$29.82 $9.99 at

Based on the classic "Rubik's Cube" puzzle of the 80's, this other worldly game will look like and play like no other game out Rubik's World is a collection of extremely addictive, easy to pick up puzzle games that increase in difficulty as the player delves deeper in this brave new world. But, these games are not mere mini-games, but serious puzzlers and brain teasers, offering the player an immersive experience whether it be for a few minutes or a few hours. Read More

Majesco Sales Inc.
$9.96 $6.82 at

Brain Boost Beta Wave includes five different types of progressively difficult brain training games where speed and accuracy count... - Find the Match, Shape Recognition, Addition, Remember Sequence and Moving Dots : Brain Boost Gamma Wave includes - Remember Colors, Remember Numbers, Remember Circumstances, Remember Faces and Remember Images : Plus a third never-before-released third game on the same cartridge that includes - Match the Kanji Characters, Dots, Colors, Find the Goal, and Total Amount of Money : Each game type contains 4 difficulty levels with 20 multiple-choice problems in each : Receive your overall score for right brain development after completing a brain training series : Play a friend in any of the 15 game types to see who's the bigger brainiac : Increase your level of difficulty by answering correctly, answer incorrectly and your difficulty level will decrease resulting in a lower score percentage Read More

$12.96 $9.99 at

Expand your gameplay experience with new worlds and new adventures. Build the ultimate army of Skylanders - 30+ Skylanders to coll...ect! Each Skylander has their own unique powers and abilities to enhance your game play experience and save Skylands. Conquer challenges and enemies by enhancing your Skylanders abilities with magical powers. Adventure Pack features: Bring your Skylanders to life by placing them on the Portal of Power Place a location figure on the Portal of Power and access a whole new world! Experience new challenges, menacing enemies and wymsical adventures Interaction Figures with Brains - The Skylanders figures remember their in-game experiences and upgrades Skylanders Interaction Figures work with the Skylanders Spyro's Adventure video game and on the web Experience an amazing adventure in the magical world of Skylands: Join the army of Portal Masters in the battle to save Skylands Overcome challenging obstacles and solve puzzles Play cooperatively with or against your friends on quests throughout Skylands and in the player vs. player battle arenas Challenge yourself with lots of different fun minigames Adventure Pack includes: 1- Location Interaction Figure 1- Skylanders Character Interaction Figure 2- Magical Power Interaction Figures 4- Trading Cards 1- Sticker Sheet 4- Web Codes Read More

Storm City Games
$19.96 $6.18 at

Challenge your brain with Word Up, a collection of classic word games that will keep your gray matter busy for hours! Includes fas...t paced favorites like WordBlast and Pickletter, and updated versions of Hangman and Wordfinder - the very best pick-up-and-play word games with challenge mode and over 100,000 words to take your word puzzle experience to a different level!Features include: -4 exciting games to compete in -Test your skills in challenge mode-Addictive brain-teasing gameplay-Game utilizes over 100,000 words! Read More

Game Mill Entertainment
$19.96 $7.49 at

While the thought of being surrounded by giant samples of your favorite foods may seem like a good one, humongous cheeseburgers, g...argantuan slices of pizza and massive piles of pancakes flying at you from the sky is another matter entirely. Food is on the forecast again in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, so grab your Nintendo DS and get ready to follow the wacky adventures of your favorite characters from the movie. No time to stop for a snack it's up to you to save the day. The crazy antics with food are back as you follow the storyline of the new Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 movie in 15 game chapters based on five awe-inspiring, thrilling movie locations. Use all of the skills, courage and brains you have to make your way through multiple challenge and survival modes to achieve six character-based power ups with unlockable levels throughout the game. If you want to unlock even more excitement, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 is tons of fun to replay, and new high scores mean new unlockables. Just keep an eye out for flying French fries and plummeting pickles, and you should make it out on the other side. Read More

$19.82 $14.96 at

20 Games Under One Roof! Your Nintendo DS becomes the ultimate entertainment hub in Destineer's Rec Room. Enjoy twenty games that ...will provide hours of entertainment for moms, dads and kids of all ages. Play classic games such as; Air Hockey. Alley Ball. Beanbag Toss (Tic Tac Toe). Box Maze. Bowling. Cards. Chinese Checkers. Darts. Dodgeball. Flying Disk. Foosball. Gorodki. Ladder Toss. Peg. Ring Toss. Rubber Band Sharpshooting. Table Hockey. Table Tennis. Trashcan Basketball. Smack-A-Squirrel, Read More

Endless Games
$23.99 $12.17 at

Encore Encore is a great way to keep the entertainment going. Knowing the words of favorite songs is the way to win. This is a par...ty game that doesn't judge voice; just memory. Why You'll Love It: Pitch perfect for parties. Age: 8 years and up Features Cards have six clues each Timer pushes kids to think fast- making it a good brain game Great idea for making parties more entertaining Includes: Instruction booklet Recommended Ages:8 and up Read More

$14.99 $9.33 at

Four 3D wood puzzles to stretch your brain. Comes in a handy storage tin. Diagrams of each puzzle included in case you can't quite... solve the puzzle. Challenge your friends or time yourself! Read More

Talicor, Inc
$35.99 $20.99 at

It's not what you think, but how you think it. This fun, fastpaced interactive game challenges the mind, creates outbursts of crea...tivity and causes the player to Think out of the Box. Players are challenged to take unlike words or situations and create similarities, as one playing example. It causes the players to spontaneously think and shout out responses to the questions rapidly to beat the clock. A mentally and intellectually stimulating, educational and fun game all at the same time! Right brain activity is stimulated as players generate ideas, use their imaginations, and work out patterns and relationships. At the same time, the left brain quickly structures responses using language, logic, sequences and details. Great for families, parties, schools and anyone that dares to think differently. Read More

$9.97 $8.81 at

Shoot, play and collect with Crazy Cubes! Kids can simply load, aim and fire their way into tons of Crazy Cube games! Each set of ...five comes with one collectible Mystery Cube that is potentially crazy-rare. Every cube comes in a unique character with a custom brain ball to launch! Find bio cards inside revealing crazy information on each of the cubes. With so many different cubes to collect, there's always something new to discover. Read More

$24.99 $19.32 at

If your kids love gross toys, they are sure to be thrilled with Goliath Games Gooey Louie Game. Put your finger up his nose and tr...y to pick the correct gooey from one of his nostrils. Be sure to choose carefully. If you pick the wrong one, his eyes will pop, the top of his head will flip open and his brain will come flying out. Gooey Louie provides hours of outrageous good times and laughter for the whole family. This fun board game is recommended for two or more players ages 4 and up. Louie is certainly a silly looking fellow. He is made from easily washable materials for long-lasting durability. Read More

$9.97 $8.81 at

Shoot, play and collect Crazy Cubes, Circus Theme, Set of 5. They're super cool, collectible game pieces that are fun for both kid...s and adults. This set comes with five cubes, seven marbles and bio cards that reveal wacky information about each of the cube characters. It features a circus theme with wild creatures direct from under the Big Top. Every cube has an unique character, and some even have cool special effects. Each character comes with a distinct brain ball that has a coordinating design. Put a marble in the top, press the feet and watch the marble fly. Users can simply load, aim and fire their way into tons of games. The marbles also have cool designs. Each set of five play cubes comes with one collectible Mystery Cube that's potentially crazy-rare. Combine sets for even more wacky antics. With so many different kids' cubes to collect, there's always something new to discover. Read More

$59.99 $43.27 at

Flying Frog Productions Last Night on Earth Board Game is a fast-paced game of brain-eating zombies, small town heroes and horror action. It's a fun choice for sleepovers for teens, or you can add it to family game night with older kids. The relatively short game time means you can play the game more than once in a single evening. It's a fun addition to your board game collection, especially if you have fans of the zombie trend in your family. Players work together to make it through the night of the zombies. Features of this zombie board game include a modular board, eight heroes to choose from and several different scenarios to play that drastically change the game. The Last Night on Earth game can create a cinematic feel as the story and game unfold. With all the different possible scenarios, it's fun to play just to see what happens next, whether or not you win. Read More

Think Fun
$21.99 $20.41 at

Get out of traffic before the ice cream melts! Fun maze challenges are sure to captivate even the most restless kids. Set up the R...ush Hour Jr. Game according to pictures on the challenge cards, then steer your ice cream truck through a jumble of blocking cars, trucks and buses. It includes 40 challenge cards, depicting 1 of 4 different challenge levels and solutions, 15 cars and trucks, plus one ice cream truck, playing board and storage bag. Kids have fun while building critical thinking, problem solving and strategy development skill. Read More

$17.57 $16.89 at

Take a deep dive undersea to save the secret recipe! SpongeBob's trapped in Plankton's lab, with 12 awful ailments! Can you help y...our Bikini Bottom buddy get better? Perform delicate undersea surgery on his Barnacle Brain, Clammy Hands and Patty Pleasure Center without setting off the buzzer. The surgeon with the steadiest hands earns top pay and saves the day! Operation and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro. Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro. Read More

$19.99 $11.98 at

Enjoy the full Cranium experience in instant, fast-paced fun anytime and anywhere. With more than 200 games that can be played in ...60 seconds or less, families race to beat the timer using classic guessing, acting, sketching, sculpting and word-puzzling skills. A fifteen-minute break is enough to make Family Game Night happen with Cranium Brain Breaks. Read More

Think Fun
$11.99 $11.03 at

The benefits of word games for children are obvious: building vocabulary, teaching spelling, and enhancing reading comprehension. ...For adults, the benefits are a little less obvious; rumor has it that word scrambles and crossword puzzles help your brain to stay younger and more nimble, but mostly, these games are endlessly pleasurable and often downright addictive. So it's no wonder that both adults and kids love playing Word A Round by Thinkfun . This speedy word scramble game places words in a continual ring on each card - and you won't believe how tough they are to identify when you can't tell where a word begins or ends! Call out the word when you recognize it, and win the card; the player who gets ten cards first wins. Word A Round has the unusual distinction of being very easy to learn but tough to play, which makes it perfect for a family game night with a wide age range. Read More

Educational Insights
$156.00 $150.49 at

Solve 2D and 3D puzzles by rearranging game pieces. Pick a puzzle from the book, set up the challenge and then place the remaining... game pieces to solve the puzzle. Kanoodle Genius offers 200+ brain-busting puzzles for you to solve all on your own. If you've completed the puzzles of the original Kanoodle, you'll love the even more challenging Kanoodle Genius. You'll feel yourself getting smarter! Read More

University Games
$24.00 $17.16 at

Brain Quest Know The States Game

Think Fun
$14.99 $11.18 at

This stack of cards includes more than 100 zany eyeball tanglers, logic puzzlers, twisted mazes, coded messages, 3-D befuddlers, a...nd brain conundrums. Children who love word games, logic puzzles, secret codes, mazes, and math mysteries will stretch their mental muscles with Visual Brain Storms. This set of 100 cards, each of which includes a humorous, full-color drawing, promises the world's best brainteaser questions. The characters in the questions often have funny names (Professor Pith Bugby pops up often) or faces or dilemmas to solve. The answers and explanations are on the back of each card, along with a related bonus question. Many of the puzzles involve math concepts, spatial reasoning, logic, or sequential thinking, but some can be solved with plain common sense. Visual Brain Storms is a humorous, painless way to improve those higher-order thinking skills. Visual Brain Storms: The Smart Thinking Game is for one or more players. Read More

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