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Brain Games

Educational games build language, science, and logic skills. Use them to give your little one a head start on her studies or to keep her mind sharp during school breaks. Options include puzzles, IQ games, brainteasers, strategy games, and math games.
Bendon Inc.
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Join Hello Kitty in this fun and exciting Carry Along Activity Traveler Book from Bendon. Children will love the 72-page coloring ...and activity book that comes with 8 jumbo crayons. There's hours of entertainment and fun with Connect the Dots, Item Searches, Mazes and much more. All the different activities will keep your Hello Kitty fan busy for hours. With a handy carrying handle, this book is the perfect size to pack in a suitcase or backpack. Bendon Publishing International Inc. was founded in 2001, and has become one of the fastest growing children?s book publishers in the nation. Count on Bendon for excellence. Read More

Professor Puzzle
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Take this tricky wooden puzzle ball apart then test your skills in reassembling it. It brings in Fun for the whole family,.

Notions - In Network
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SCHOOL ZONE-Preschool Workbook. This package contains one 32 page workbook with a lesson page that builds on the previous pages; ...building the knowledge and confidence of the young student with simple instructions and fun illustrations. Learning couldn't be easier. Available in a variety of comparison; counting; sounds; recognition lessons and more: each sold separately. Made in USA. Read More

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Put the laws of motion to the test with our patented Q-BA-MAZE 2.0 Stunt Sets. The ingenious pieces interlock in endless configura...tions, while double-exit cubes keep you guessing which way the marbles will go. Experiment to see what kind of zany, zigzagging action is possible! Includes 108 cubes, 2 Cascade Stilts, 2 Coaster Tubes, 1 Marble Vortex, 1 Pivot Trampoline, 30 steel marbles and color instructions. Read More

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Wonderworld Glow & RollCreative Gravity Play! The Trix Track Glow & Roll is more than a classic wooden ball run with fun and eye-catching tricks and an easy locking system that keeps your creations stable while you build your maze. With your... Read More

Encore Software
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Advantage provides an interactive learning experience and the tools students need to gain learning confidence and improve their gr...ades. Middle School Advantage is a complete student resource center that combines lessons, exercises and quizzes with additional learning resources to support and motivate your child in reaching his full academic potential. With Middle School Advantage, your child will develop and test his knowledge in Math, English, Social Studies, Science and Foreign Language. Additional study aids such as iPod study materials and Encyclopedia Britannica Ready Reference support the learning process and brain-building games make studying fun. Read More

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As a cadet in the Fiction Fixers brigade you must thwart the plans of the evil Illiterati who is trying to destroy some of the wor...ld s most beloved stories. Filled with classic characters like the Scarecrow Tinman and the Lion the classic story needs your keen eye and puzzle solving skills to be restored. The Illiterati is on the move and now he has the Wicked Witch to help him - you must stop them!. Includes:. Brain teasing puzzles and mini games. Charming voice acting brings characters to life!. Bonus game inside - Fiction Fixers: Adventures in Wonderland!. System Requirements:. Windows XP (Home & Pro) SP3 Windows Vista SP2 Windows 71. 800MHz processor or faster. 512 MB RAM. 150 MB free hard drive space. DirectX 8.1 or greater. CD-ROM keyboard mouse. 1. Administrator privileges are required to properly install the program on Windows XP Windows Vista and Windows 7. Read More

Educational Insights
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Kanoodle Two brain-twisting solitaire games in one portable, pocket-sized, play-anywhere carry case! Using combinations of colored... connected beads, players complete tricky 2-D puzzles and twisted 3-D pyramids. From basic to deviously difficult, there are hundreds of possible combinations, but only one completes the puzzle. Includes 12 puzzle pieces, 48-page illustrated puzzle book, and carrying case. For 1 player. SMALL PARTS [1]. Not for < 3 yrs. Ages 7 to Adult EI-2978 Kanoodle Read More

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The Killerspin 500-01 Success in Table Tennis DVD, 2nd Edition is a step by step guide to the world's fastest sport. A DVD for all... players and skill levels - For those who are just starting out to those who would like to increase their current skill level. New features on the Killerspin 500-01 Success in Table Tennis DVD, 2nd Edition include how to play against long pips, how to play against penholders, and a segment about the women's game. This DVD is 77 minutes in length. The product comes with a 30-day limited warranty. Table tennis is a sport that can be enjoyed by individuals of any age and physical ability. Playing table tennis is a great way to stimulate the brain and promote quick thinking while improving hand eye coordination. Killerspin was built to bring youth and innovation to one of the world's most beautiful sports, and to serve the table tennis player. The Chicago-based firm produces premium-quality table tennis equipment, sports apparel and media. Read More

Melissa & Doug
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On the Go Game Books make the perfect travel toys! Each of these fun-packed activity books for kids includes an invisible-ink that stores right in the front cover. Pop it out to color in scenes, complete crosswords, follow mazes, find hidden pictures and more . . . and see Surprize Ink images appear as you color! Includes 24 fashion-themed pages, bound in a compact tablet format with a rigid back cover to support comfortable laptop coloring. Read More

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Get ready for action-packed adventures and challenging puzzles with this Xbox 360 Bundle, which features a 500GB hard drive, an Xb...ox 360 wireless controller, headset, Fable Anniversary and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. Experience immersive visuals, thanks to high-definition resolution, which brings your favorite movies, TV shows, live events, music and sports to life in your living room. Don't revel in the glory all alone join your buddies and on-screen comrades for intense multiplayer action through Xbox Live. Communicate with your teammates or trash-talk your opponents with the included Xbox 360 headset. Connect to the Xbox Live marketplace to download games, music, movies and TV shows. It's time to expand your entertainment possibilities, and the Xbox 360 is here to help. Since the birth of the Fable franchise, fans have grown and evolved with a game that captured hearts and minds by delivering an incredibly immersive storyline and offering you the opportunity to truly become a hero. Fable Anniversary continues that tradition in a visceral experience that grabs your attention and keeps you lost in the world you've grown to love. Every choice has a consequence, and Fable fans know this better than most gamers. Now, the popular Xbox RPG has new life on the Xbox 360 in Fable Anniversary. Fully remastered with high-definition visuals and sound, including all-new textures, 3D models and an all-new lighting system, Fable Anniversary lets you explore the world of Albion for the first time all over again. Expand your adventure with all of the content from Fable: The Lost Chapters, and earn and unlock Xbox Live Achievements for the first time in the original Fable adventure. Then, grab your gardening gloves and trowel and head into the yard with Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. Your garden has saved you once already from a massive horde of fun-loving zombies in the original Plants vs. Zombies. Those creepy, brain-seeking beings jumped the fence at the edge of your yard, limped toward your house and met their match your loyal yet incredibly unlikely army of petaled and leafy friends. Now the tattered monsters are back for more. Try your hand at ultimate garden warfare and sow the seeds of victory once and for all. In this fast-paced third-person shooter, you choose between Zombies or Plants, and mercilessly beat up on the opposite team with the multitude of weapons at your disposal. Haven't you ever wondered what it's like to be a sunflower tasked with eliminating the undead once and for all? Enjoy nonstop entertainment with thrilling games and streaming music, movies and more Color: Black. Read More

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Bring your toys to life in the new innovative andventure game, SKylanders Spyro's Adventure, where players collect and use real-wo...rld interaction figures that are teleported directly into the game by placing them on a magical portal of Power. New adventure from the writes of Toy Story. Over 30 unique collectible interaction figures. Toys with brains, each interaction figure can remember shared experiences and leveld-up abilities. Play with your friends: Players can join forces by placing two interactio figures on the Portal of Power at the same time. As they play together players can drop in and out of a level throughout the game. Battle your frineds in a classic player vs. player battle mode which provides a selection of different game modes and arena maps where players can face off to become the ultimate Portal Master. Read More

Essential Learning Products
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<div><B>Highlights Amazing Mazes</B><br>Can you get from here . . to there without getting lost or stuck or having to backtrack? N...obody knows mazes better than Highlights--for more than 65 years, our puzzle experts have challenged and delighted maze fans with tricky twists, intricate turns, and zany zigzags. Now it's your turn to try with our Amazing Mazes series. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, these books offer hours of pathfinding fun.<BR></div> Read More

Alex Toys
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Build amazing 3D mazes with beautifully printed, jungle themed hardwood blocks.

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Quercetti Kaliedo Gears (55 pcs) Quercetti Kaliedo Gears stimulates the creativity of kids. This 55 piece gear set is the ideal for starters. Intertwining plates and meshes in three different sizes lets kids build with no set pattern.They can use their creativity to find different ways to spin. Why You'll Love It: This exciting brain game comes from Quercetti, known for nurturing imagination. Age: 3 years and up Features Has 55 intertwining plates and gears Handle to turn the gear 3 types of gears used Movable base to create desired shapes Made in Italy Read More

Brand: Sterling
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<div><P style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt">A yummy word search set in a bakery, a game with a magic square, a “sum situation? where form a word code: these and many more supersizzling “brain games? will entertain kids for hours!</P></div> Read More

Publications Intl
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BRAIN GAMES Kids FIRST GRADE 1001 Learning Activities [Book] [Manufactured in USA] <BR> PUBLISHER: pikids (Publication Kids Ltd.) <BR> Bound: paperpack <BR> Pages: 320 <BR> Follows curriculum standards<BR> Manufactured in USA Read More

Lerner Publishing Group
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Gamers, beware ?your video games can think for themselves! Ever wondered what's inside the plastic of your video game console, but... don't want to crack it open to find out? Crack open this book instead! You'll learn what computer code looks like, how a game console's "brain" makes decisions , and how its memory allows you to return to play each day without starting from scratch. Read More

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<p>The bestselling game <em>Plants vs. Zombies</em> was the winner of more than 30 Best Game of the Year Awards. <em>Plants vs. Zo...mbies: Brain Busters</em> is a 224-page book chock-full of games, puzzles, and activities based on the characters in the game?perfect for any <em>Plants vs. Zombies </em>fan and kids who love activity books.</p><p></p> Read More

Melissa & Doug
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Bright beads in a variety of shapes can be manipulated along twisting wire tracks for play that also develops hand-eye coordinatio...n. Color(s): multi. Brand: Melissa and Doug. Style Name: Melissa & Doug Bead Maze. Style Number: 399849. Manufacturer part number 2281 Ages 1 and upApprox box dimensions: 13W x 11 1/2H x 11 1/2D Wood/metal By Melissa &Doug; imported Read More

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These bright and colorful One-player Magnetic Marble Mazes are the ideal size for a travel Product Measures (Inches):11.51x1.37x11....7 (LxWxH) Recommended Ages: 2 years & up Read More

Think Fun
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Quick: think of something that every kid loves. How about dinosaurs? Cotton candy? Fireworks? Lawn sprinklers? Tree houses? Dr. Se...uss? Puppies? Disneyland? Well, okay, not every kid loves Disneyland. But we can't imagine a kid who wouldn't be thrilled to play with lasers! The Thinkfun Laser Maze game lets kids experiment with beaming, bending, and splitting lasers to solve 60 tricky logic puzzles. It's laserriffic! Laser Maze was created with the help of Luke Hooper, the inventor of the laser chess game Khet . Just as in Khet, you play Laser Maze using mirrors to manipulate where the laser beam goes, but this is a one-person logic challenge. Set up the pieces according to the instructions on each Laser Maze challenge card, and then get the light to hit your target. Puzzles start out easy, but they get harder in a flash, so look out! Playing Thinkfun Laser Maze develops your child's sequential reasoning and visual perception skills. Read More

University Games
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It s fun to be smart with this fast-paced game! Brain Quest covers the key subjects taught in school. Each card has 6 different qu...estions tailored to grades first through sixth so that players answer questions corresponding to their grade level. Players win subject letter tokens as rewards for correct answers. Players answer questions in five different subjects: Science, Math, Arts, Reading and The World. The first player to spell out SMART is the winner! For 2 - 4 players, ages 6 - 12. Contents Include: 224 Cards with 1,344 questions and answers, giant spinner, scoring chips, SMART letter tokens and instructions. Read More

$22.99 at Target

Poof Slinky Amaze-N-Marbles Poof Slinky Amaze-N-Marbles is a 60-piece construction set that is a great toy for kids. Children get ...a way to use their imagination to build endless maze construction sites. They can build fantastic castles with never ending fun. After completing their visionary constructions, they can drop a marble from one end and watch it go twisting and turning down tunnels, jumping from one channeled block to the next, disappearing into an angled hole in a cube, only to reappear again. There are no specific instructions mentioned and the kid can use the maze as per their imagination. It thrills children with its lovely sound and sights of marble dropping. Why You'll Love It: It gives a real fun experience to the entire family and also give a chance to parents to interact with their kids. Age: 5 years and up Features Maze construction set with endless combinations Creative toy Help kids to explore their imagination Contains different shapes and sizes of natural-colored grooved wood blocks Kids learn symmetry, balance, sequence, spatial thinking and home organizational skills along with coordination Parent child interaction set Good for making multilevel marble runs as child uses brains with their growing age Includes 10 glass marbles Natural color wooden blocks of different size and shapes Cardboard box with handle for convenient storage Recommended Ages:5 &#8211; 12 Read More

Melissa & Doug
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One for the goose and ten for the goat the animals are counting on you! Fill each basket with the correct number of red apples by ...sliding the attached magnetic wand over the acrylic cover. Perform math-magic with no removable pieces. Read More

Brand: Lerner Publishing Group
$26.60 at Amazon

Gamers, beware ?your video games can think for themselves! Ever wondered what's inside the plastic of your video game console, but... don't want to crack it open to find out? Crack open this book instead! You'll learn what computer code looks like, how a game console's "brain" makes decisions , and how its memory allows you to return to play each day without starting from scratch. Read More

Capstone Press
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Would you choose to cover LeBron James on the basketball court or Larry Fitzgerald on the football field? Not an easy task, no ma...tter what choice you make! Test your decision-making skills with these brain-teasing sports questions. Then try them on your friends! Read More

$7.06 at Walmart

Hone students' thinking skills in a cross-curricular mysteryAn array of engaging, brain-twisting games will spark students' imagin...ations as they develop logic and problem solving skills to unravel complex mysteries. Multi-level content in language arts, history, geography, and science, along with multi-step math problems, will hold their interest, expand their knowledge, and cultivate their skills. Read More

Sierra On-Line
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Platform: WINDOWS 2000/XP Publisher: KNOWLEDGE ADVENTURE Packaging: JEWEL CASE Rating: AGES: 10+ Got that tingling sensation deep your brain? Race against the clock to answer tons of questions that test your knowledge of math technology and scientific info. Go for it against the computer or your friends and steal the game right out from under em. Now with victory so close you can practically taste it just how much are you ready to risk?You look marvelous! Choose from a ton of features to create your own identity.So many categories so little time! Play with friends and family in this battle of the minds. Beat the clock and watch your score grow. If you snooze you lose!Features: Code Head Quiz Fest: Wrap your head around questions about technology math and science!Multiplayer Competition: Play against your friends and family!Code Head Original: Create a game look that s totally you pick your eyes pick your hair (but you can t pick your nose)!Fast-paced Game Play: Get into the game playing Scramble-de-Bob 1-2 Punch Cha-Ching and more!Strategize and Win! Bet against your opponents and snag their points!Never the Same Game Twice: Loads of rounds that give your head that tingling sensation every time!System Requirements for Windows Windows 2000 XPPentium 166 MHz or faster32 MB RAM50 MB free hard disk space16-bit color displayWindows-compatible sound card amp; speakers12X CD-ROM driveMouse and keyboard Read More

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Incredible 3D fun! Whether you are just learning to play, practicing your strategy, or competing against other players, Backgammon... 3D will challenge and improve your backgammon skills! Pit your wits against virtual opponents powered by an advanced backgammon engine, or challenge your friends to a match. No matter how you choose to play, you'll enjoy amazing 3D graphics and brain-twisting fun! Read More

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Tons of fun in one little box! Play independently or with a friend--in school, at home, or while traveling. Find the Hidden of visual word puzzles. Complete Comparisons (Analogies) like the ones that appear on standardized tests. Solve Word Workouts and respond to Math Madness. 200 game cards come with directions and ideas for variations and group play. For 1 or more players. Ages 8 & up. Read More

The Learning Company
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An Action-Packed Learning Game!License InformationLab Pack (25 Stand Alone Computers within the same building). Includes the follo...wing:Teacher's Guide - The teacher's guide is designed to help you plan for puter use manage technology projects and connect the educational content of the software program to your classroom curriculum. Many of the Scholl Editions offer strategies and activities developed in keeping with approaches advocated in the national Standards.Student Activities - Activities to further the development of your students' individual skills. Many of these activities are designed for cooperative learning groups. Some can be set up or activity centers where students can work independently. And many activities can be extended and integrated with student's' work at the puterBackline Masters - Reproducible that plement the lesson plans and activities.User's Guide - Provides all the information needed to run the program including illustrations and directions for all menu items. Product InformationMorty Maxwell the notorious Master of Mischief is back!He's returnedto Shady Glen in a wild and wacky arcade game that sharpens thinking andproblem-solving skills that are fundamental to success in math scienceand everyday life. This time he and his Metal Minions have taken overthe Game Factory and are challenging all Super Solvers' fans to a duelof wits. And equipped with hundreds of mind-bending puzzles games andmazes Morty's ready to take on the next generation of super solvers! Product FeaturesBuilds skills for success in school by developing skills fundamental tosuccess in math science and other academic subjects.Encourages creative problem-solving and thoughtful decision-making.Promotes goal-setting and perseverance with an intriguing game goal positivefeedback and dynamic help characters.Packed with hundreds of mind-boggling puzzles and mazes plus a five-levelstrategy game. Windows Requirements Windows 3.1/ Read More

Learning Company
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Uh-oh! Mom s Jewelry is the StarFlyers on their mission!. Product Information. Zoom off with the StarFlyers and see h...ow this dilemma turns into an amazing outer-space mission to rescue the Royal Jewels! Children build critical thinking skills in a planet hopping adventure!&nbsp;. . In the Real World. Katherine Cadell starts a super terrific morning. But Crash! Kerbang! Yikes! Calamity strikes. Mom?s jewelry flies everywhere! The Fantasy World. The Royal Jewels are gone! StarFlyers to the rescue! Solve puzzles to rescue them so Princess Popcorn can be crowned Queen! . Fly the SnoozeCruiser. Collect tools and valuable galaxy seeds. Stow them in the dashboard and trade your galaxy seeds for prizes at the Astro-Prize Center! Skills Learned . Critical thinking and problem solving. Hypothesis formulation and testing. Spatial reasoning. Memory and sequencing. Creativity Product Features . 8 brain-tickling games. 12 printable activities. 3 levels of challenge. Kid-friendly help movies. Smart arcade-style fun to enjoy again and again!. Feel the Adventure with an Immersion TouchSense ? enabled mouse.? (mouse not included Windows Requirements . Windows? 95/98 Me 2000 XP Vista&nbsp;. Pentium? 166 MHz or faster. 32 MB RAM. 100 MB free hard disk space*. 16-bit color monitor 800x600. DirectX-compatible video card 2 MB. Windows-compatible sound card & speakers. 8X CD-ROM drive. Optional: Immersion? TouchSense? mouse?. *An additional 7 MB of disk space may be required to install Adobe? Acrobat Reader?. ?Tactile feedback mouse and Windows? 98/Me/2000/XP required to use Immersion? TouchSense? feature Macintosh Requirements . Mac OS 8.6?OS X. Power PC? 180 MHz or faster. 32 MB RAM. 100 MB free hard Read More

Knowledge Adventure
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Calling all heroes! The color is disappearing form JumpStart Town and no one can figure out why. Frankie and the other JumpStart f...riends are asking kids to explore the 3D virtual world to fi nd and stop the mysterious villain. While on the hunt kids will get to play over 45 activities games and missions and use brain power to solve challenges. Platform: Win XP Vista. Genre: Children. Rating: E. Unique 3D design and adaptive play immerse each child in a whimsical world of imagination adventure and learning. Friendly JumpStart characters offer encouragement companionship and directions along the road to discovery. Sing-along music videos and exciting activities and games let kids practice the skills they are learning like reading and math. Personalized progress reports activity tips and advice from educational experts keep parents informed and engaged in kids growth. In JumpStart Town kids can:. Personalize the world: select an avatar decorate a cabin and more. Solve challenging puzzles and riddles in JumpStart Town. Outwit the Color Meister at his own brainteasers. Earn gems by playing games in the arcade then trade them for pets accessories and other cool stuff. Enjoy hours of adventure while earning the Shield of Training. System Requirements: Windows XP Windows Vista:. Pentium III (or equivalent) 1 GHz or faster. 3D video card with 32 MB dedicated memory w/DirectX 9.0c-compatible driver. 256 MB dedicated RAM (512 MB recommended) 1 GB RAM for Windows Vista. 24x CD-ROM drive. 1.4 GB available on hard drive. 16-bit color. 800x600 screen resolution. DirectX 9.0c-compatible sound card. DirectX 9.0c (included with install). QuickTime 7.1 (included with install). Windows Media Player 10 (included with install). Broadband Internet Connection. Read More

Casualarcade Games
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Platform: WINDOWS 98/XP/VISTA Publisher: CASUALARCADE GAMES Packaging: JEWEL CASE Rating: EVERYONE Challenge your brain like never... before with 2002 Pentamino Puzzles! This classic puzzle game will stretch your logic skills and spatial imagination to the limit as you move flip and rotate pieces to create two thousand incredible designs. Addictive and entertaining 2002 Pentamino Puzzles is easy to learn hard to master and impossible to stop playing!Features:2002 of the best Pentamino puzzlesEasily drag rotate and flip piecesChoose puzzles by thumbnail or numberPuzzle randomizerDisplay solutions for all puzzlesIncludes hints for all main interface elementsPentamino status bar System Requirements for Windows Windows Vista XP 98Pentium II 350 MHz processor or faster32 MB RAM10 MB free hard disk spaceWindows compatible sound card Read More

Computer Gallery
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Crazy mazes to drive you buggy! Night falls and then the fun begins! Guide the firefly safely through the garden maze collecting g...lowing eggs and bonus objects along the way. But watch out since enemy insects are hiding around every corner! Bug Frenzy! offers fast fluid and easy-to-use controls plus multiple difficulty settings and breathtaking special effects. You can even generate whole new mazes and levels for nonstop entertainment! This is one bug you ll be happy to catch!Features: . Incredible 3D graphics special effects. Multiple bonus objects. Many unique worlds. Different levels of difficulty. Randomly generated levels. Easy to learn controls System Requirements for Windows . Windows 98 Me XP Vista. Pentium III 500 MHz processor or faster. 64 MB RAM. 20 MB free hard disk space. 16 MB 3D video card. DirectX 8.1 or better. Windows compatible sound card. CD-ROM drive . Packaging: JEWEL CASE. Operating system: WINDOWS 98/ME/XP Read More

The Learning Company
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With seven cheese-ilicious activities yoursquo;re in for a giant slice of adventure Product Information When the fabulous Dreamshi...p crash lands into gooey Mt. Cheesemore Reader Rabbit and Sam must find it before the bungling Pirates get there first. Our heroes need your help using skills in grammar reading science fractions and telling time. With seven cheese-ilicious activities yoursquo;re in for a giant slice of adventure! Skills Learned Creating equations Identifying number patterns Counting by multiples Comparing number values Identifying fractions Telling time Building vocabulary Synonyms amp; antonyms Building compound words Reading comprehension Constructing sentences Using punctuation amp; capitals Identifying insect anatomy Problem solving Drawing amp; painting Product Features Cheese Brick Spelling Use your spelling and phonics skills to help Larry Laidback fix the cheese bricks transporter! Pirate Maze Reading Construct sentences tell the time and identify shapes to complete the Pirate maze! Cheddar Cheese Equations Save Mrs. Macrsquo;s macaroni crop from a cheese avalanche using your math skills! Features Auto-adjusting skill levels Progress tracing reports Printable activities Windows Requirements Windows 98 Me 2000 XP Vista 166 MHz Pentium or faster 32 MB RAM 100 MB free hard disk space 640x480 monitor 16-bit color SoundBlaster compatible sound card amp; speakers 8X CD-ROM drive Internet access recommended Color printer recommended Read More

$33.11 at Walmart

The Engage the Brain: Games series offers practical activities that energize students, increase brain connections to content, and ...reinforce learning in a nonthreatening atmosphere. Derived from tested, research-based strategies found in the bestseller Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites, this book provides activities that incorporate games aligned with national academic standards for science, including physical science, life science, and earth and space science. You will find brain-friendly activities that can be integrated easily into your lesson plans to inspire enthusiasm and help students achieve. Each game provides learning objectives, a comprehensive materials list, step-by-step guidelines for playing the game, activities for extended learning, and required reproducibles such as game cards, game boards, and scorecards. Discover favorites such as scavenger hunt, hot potato, bingo, and charades applied to middle school science content in games like Laboratory Scavenger Hunt, Energy Bingo, and Space Secrets. All games include a focus activity, modeling, guided practice, independent practice, and a closing. Students actively process content as they play existing games, and construct and design a variety of new ones. Use these engaging activities to supplement your curriculum goals in * Elements and compounds * Animals, the human body, and genetics * Earth and life cycles * Solar system and space science * Energy, time, and more! Watch your students thrive and grow with creative experiences that incorporate movement, teamwork, healthy competition, and interpersonal skills! Read More

$14.16 at Amazon

4100138 Features: -The Whole Brain Board Game. -Fast paced interactive game challenges the mind. -Creates outbursts of creativity.... -2 or more players. Game: -Board Games. Product Type: -Board Games. For Ages...: -8-12 Years/12 Years And Up/Adult. For Travel: -Yes. Gender: -Boy/Girl. Theme: -Adult Themes. Generic Specifications: -First player / team to 80 points wins. Generic Dimensions: -Overall 10.13'' H x 10.13'' W x 3.13'' D. Dimensions: Overall Height - Top to Bottom: -10.13 Inches. Overall Width - Side to Side: -10.13 Inches. Overall Depth - Front to Back: -3.13 Inches. Overall Product Weight: -1.55 Pounds. Read More

$9.52 at Amazon

Each Fun Pockets pouch contains two travel friendly play boards and dozens of Color forms Stick-Ons. Bob Moog and Cris Lehman foun...ded University Games in 1985. The company has added many divisions and broadened our scope a lot since then, but the University Games' products remain true to the standards set more than 24 years ago. Our games are easy to learn. Start playing in five minutes. Our games keep all players involved, even when it's not their turn. Our games are different every time you play. Our games combine luck and skill, so every player has a chance to win. Our games make learning fun. Creative gameplay and quality components are our standard, but that's not all we offer. From prestigious educational licenses like Brain Quest and Eric Carle to exciting entertainment licenses with Big Brain Academy Nintendo Software, LEGO construction toys, the Worst-Case Scenario book series and Anti-Monopoly, we've got original ways to have fun. So spend time with us and you can have a great time with the family, get to know the neighbors or even learn how to read. Perfect for play on the go. Read More

Discovery Kids
$39.99 $15.99 at Kohl's

Bring play time and learning everywhere you go with the Discovery Kids Exploration Laptop. This state-of-the-art, fully loaded kid...s laptop allows you to play math games, word puzzles, music, and more, placing hassle-free, no mess entertainment at your kids fingertips all of the time. Perfectly compact and wireless, the exploration laptop is convenient and portable for car or plane rides, and fits into most backpacks. Introduce your child to technology with fun games, brain-teasers, music and so much more. Ages: 6+. Requires 4 AA batteries (not included). WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD. Not for children under 3 years of age. Read More

Essential Learning Products
$6.95 at Amazon

<div><B>Highlights Amazing Mazes</B><BR>Can you get from here . . to there without getting lost or stuck or having to backtrack? N...obody knows mazes better than Highlights--for more than 65 years, our puzzle experts have challenged and delighted maze fans with tricky twists, intricate turns, and zany zigzags. Now it's your turn to try with our Amazing Mazes series. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, these books offer hours of pathfinding fun.<BR></div> Read More

University Games
$24.99 at Target

Find Board Games at! The University Games Brain Quest Game is a super fun and educational word game. After placing the, the one who places the last card to finish the sentence gets to read it out loud. You can't stop laughing at some of the silly sentences the group makes. The board game includes a play board, 120 speech cards, 12 blank cards, a spinner, a dry erase marker and the rules. Perfect for family game night. Having fun while learning???the best way to learn. Kids can even play it by themselves. Ages 3 and up. Gender: Unisex. Read More

Game Development Group
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Find Board Games at! Think you know a little about a lot? Put your mind to the test with Wit's End, a family-style boar...d game for 2-6 players. Packed with riddles and brain teasers on history, popular culture, geography, arts and more, the game features 1600 questions and 4 unique categories: Sequence, Wild Card, Teaser and Odd 1 Out. Challenging, entertaining and delightfully fast-paced, Wit's End is designed for players 12 yr. Of age and older. Made in USA. Gender: Unisex. Read More

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Find Board Games at! In this fun filled game, kids take turns being offense and defense. The offensive players drop ball down the ramp trying to dodge the defensive player. If the offensive player gets their ball to the end of the maze, they get 15 points! The defensive player must time their moves in order to knock off the offensive player???s ball. If they are successful, they get points based on what point in the maze the ball was knocked off. The first player to 300 points wins! This game is a great way to help kids develop fine motor skills such as hand eye coordination. This board game makes a great gift for kids ages 5 and up! Gender: Unisex. Read More

University Games
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Find Educational Kits And Learning Tools at! Learn as you play. It???s fun to be smart with this fast-paced game. Brain... Quest covers the key subjects taught in school. Each card has six different questions tailored to grades 1 to 6 so players answer questions corresponding to their grade level. Players win subject tokens as rewards for correct answers. The first player to spell out SMART is the winner. Gender: Unisex. Read More

Think Fun
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Find Puzzles And Solution Games at! Lights and mirrors may make it feel like magic, but it???s really science and a goo...d dose of brain power that???s needed to direct the laser beam through this series of mind challenging mazes. Get ready for a satisfying mental workout as you flex your strategic thinking muscles and ignite the light both on the grid and in your mind! Gender: Unisex. Read More

Spin Master
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Find Puzzles And Solution Games at! Engage your mind and improve your hand-eye coordination with the PlaSmart Perplexus... maze puzzle game. Unlike traditional flat-surface mazes, Perplexus offers a variety of tracks and 100 barriers, all in an exhilarating 3-D experience. Just choose a route, then guide the marble down the track by shifting, flipping and twisting the transparent sphere. Color: Multicolored. Gender: Unisex. Read More

Publisher Services
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Find Board Games at! Prepare for the zombie apocalypse with this entertaining "Munchkin Zombies" board game. Become a m...ember of the walking dead and battle your enemies as you acquire armor and powers. This engaging game can accommodate 3 to 6 players, so you can play with your friends at a sleepover or challenge your family members to a duel for brains. Kick game night up a notch with this hilarious game. Gender: Unisex. Read More

Winning Moves Games
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Find Board Games at! The Winning Moves Rubik's The Void Cube is a challenging puzzle game that adds a new twist to the ...classic Rubik's Cube. In this 1-player brainteaser, you must rotate the pieces of the color cube until each side is uniform in color. The new twist is that the inside is hollow with holes you can see through. This fun game helps to improve problem solving and memory skills. Ages 8 and up. Gender: Unisex. Read More

Spin Master
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Find Board Games at! Would You Rather??? is the game of crazy choices based on Justin & Dave???s best-selling books, no...w with more brain-tickling, tummy-fluttering, and heart-pounding demented dilemmas in 3 categories. The Would You Rather? Category presents two absurd scenarios to choose between. Fill in the Blank lets you put your own twist on a dilemma by filling in the blanks. Challenge Other Players pits you against another player, each presenting arguments to the room as to why your choice is the best and hoping they vote you the winner. When it???s your turn, lock in your answer with one of 4 choices on the Dilemma Dial! Are you sure... Gender: Unisex. Read More

Cardinal Industries
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Find Board Games at! Play the Cardinal The Big Bang Theory Fact or Fiction Game and see if you know as much as the char...acters on The Big Bang Theory. Are you as smart as Leonard, Penny, Sheldon, Amy, Bernadette, Howard and Raj? It's time to find out with this fun, fast-paced trivia game. Grab some fellow fans use the 400+ questions in this board game to find out who really is the biggest brain in the bunch. Ages 12 and up. Gender: Unisex. Read More

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