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Board games are a great way to spend time together as a family. Many favorites, including Clue and Monopoly, have junior versions. There are also plenty of board games made just for kids, such as Candyland and Chutes & Ladders. Stock your family room with plenty of new and classic games so there is something for everyone.
Cryptozoic Entertainment
$39.99 $31.11 at Kmart

Provide you friends and family with hours of fun and imaginative play with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Board Game. From designer Reiner Knizia comes an exciting adventure in which you and your friends join Bilbo Baggins and his 13 dwarven companions on their journey through the Lone-Lands and Misty Mountains. You'll encounter goblins, trolls and other dangers that seek to put an end to your adventures. Players of The Hobbit board game traverse their way on two boards, each stop more difficult than the last, with the goal of coming out alive and prepared for the dangers that lie ahead. Your accumulated points at the end of the game will be your personal mark for finding out how good of an adventurer you really are. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey game includes two boards, five dice, 14 dwarf cards, 18 resource tiles, two treasure tiles and 15 quill markers. It is designed for one to four players and is recommended for ages 15 and older. Read More

Wizards of the Coast
$64.99 at Kmart

The adventures of Drizzt Do'Urden, as told in the New York Times best-selling Forgotten Reams novels by R.A. Salvatore, come to li...fe in this thrilling board game. Take on the role of the legendary ranger or one of his famous adventure campaigns, battle fearsome foes, and win treasure and glory. Read More

Pressman Toy
$30.00 $22.19 at Kmart

This official game retells the Hobbit film as players take the roles of characters from the film, to do battle, solve riddles and ...earn points along the way. Read More

$24.99 $19.99 at Kmart

It's just what the doctor ordered! Learning all about anatomy by playing a game. Well, five games, actually. From matching body pa...rts to naming body parts to answering trivia to performing experiements, this game is so smart that it grows with your child. Read More

Spin Master
$24.99 $18.42 at Kmart

Test your knowledge of the many brand logos you've come to know over the years with this Logo Party board game by Spin Master. Pro...duct Features Brand graphics add signature appeal 4 different game modes: draw it, describe it, act it out or reveal it Product Details Includes: 180 Action Cards, 120 Reveal It! Cards, drawing pad, 2 playing pieces, logo timer, game board & instruction manual 10.5H x 10.5W x 3.25D (packaged) Ages 12 years & up For 2 to 6 players Read More

Wizards of the Coast
$64.99 at Kmart

An exciting D&D boardgame for 1-5 players. The master of Ravenloft is having guests for dinner-and you are invited! Evil lurks in ...the towers and dungeons of Castle Ravenloft, and only heroes of exceptional bravery can survive the horrors within. Designed for 1-5 players, this boardgame features multiple scenarios, challenging quests, and cooperative game play. Castle Ravenloft includes the following, 20-sided die. For 1-5 players Challenging quests Tons of replay value Multiple scenarios Cooperative game-play Product Measures: 11.5 x 5.5 x 11.5 Recommended Ages: 13 - 100 years Read More

Innovention Toys
$39.95 $31.46 at Kmart

In this modern era, the board game has some fierce competition for a kid's attention: the Wii, computer games, Grand Theft Auto...... uh oh. However, this board game has a secret weapon for luring kids away from the screen: lasers! It's also a fun and challenging strategy game that the whole family will enjoy G not unlike chess, with a futuristic bent. Still, it's the lasers that make Khet irresistible. The Laser Game: Khet 2.0 is played by using your mirrored pieces (Pharoah, Anubis, Pyramid, and Scarab) to manipulate the laser that comes from the Sphinx piece. A piece that is hit by the laser on a non-reflective side is eliminated. On each turn, you either rotate a piece a quarter-turn or move it one step in any direction, and any move changes the course of the laser beam. The goal is to eliminate your opponent's Pharoah, and protect your own Pharoah. In promo videos for Khet, the Pharoah actually blows up when you hit it with the laser. Read More

$20.00 at Kmart

Based on the popular movie, answer questions about Twilight and about your friends to move forward around the board; if you are th...e first to travel the entire board and collect all 8 scene-cards, you win! Read More

John N. Hansen
$24.99 $18.41 at Kmart

Excited by the prospect of capturing enemies and gaining control of territories? Then you'll enjoy this ancient Asian board game o...f strategy and skill. Go originated in China more than 4,000 years ago and was perfected by the Japanese. Everyone from the working classes to royalty played Go, making it a popular national pastime. The object is to gain control by capturing enemy stones or movers. With our solid wood board (11 x 11-3/4) and black and white stones, Go is sure to get you going. Simple instructions for two players, and many challenging hours of fun. Read More

$21.99 $19.96 at Kmart

It's the fast-trading property game of Monopoly with your own custiomization! This My Monopoly game includes blank tiles and stick...ers so you can make it your own. You can print out the stickers to personalize your tokens, properties, and even Chance and Community Chest cards! But you can play without customizing, too. Just move around the board buying as many properties (Streets, Railroads, and Utilities) as you can. The more you own, the more rent you'll get. If you're the last player with any money when all other players have gone bankrupt, you win! Monopoly and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro. Read More

HL Games
$24.99 at Kmart

AmuseAmaze is the spellbinding word-race game set in a letter maze. It's a game where words don't have to be biggest to be best an...d where even little words are winners. You'll never play the same game twice! Read More

$35.99 $34.99 at Kmart

Discovery Channel's #1 series is now a DVD Board Game. Do you have what it takes to build an American Chopper? This DVD game featu...res hundreds of challenges, games, trivia questions, TV clips and lots of commentaries from the Teutuls. Hosted by Mike Rowe, the official voice of American Chopper. Read More

Days of Wonder
$59.99 $46.74 at Kmart

The Days of Wonder Shadows Over Camelot Board Game brings the Knights of the Round table to life. This game gives a fair warning t...o beware of traitors in their midst who are quietly sowing their seeds of destruction and havoc. It offers unique collaborative entertainment and features a malevolent twist that brings excitement into the mix. The Shadows Over Camelot game is ideal for family nights. Additionally, it takes anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes to finish this kids' board game, giving a long range of action-packed enjoyment. It is designed especially for children ages 12 and up. You and your kids can work together to defeat the evil forces closing in around Camelot and unite against those who would bring you down. Read More

Spin Master
$14.99 $11.59 at Kmart

Beat The Parents Board Game

days Of Wonder, Inc.
$49.99 $37.22 at Kmart

Small World is a zany, light-hearted civilization game in which 2-5 players vie for conquest and control of a board that is simply... too small to accommodate them all. Picking the right combination of fantasy races and unique special powers, players must rush to expand their empires - often at the expense of weaker neighbors. Yet they must also know when to push their own over-extended civilization into decline and ride a new one to victory. Designed by Philippe Keyaerts, as the fantasy follow-up to his award-winning Vinci, Small World is inhabited by a cast of characters such as dwarves, wizards, amazons, giants, orcs and even humans; who use their troops to occupy territory and conquer adjacent lands in order to push the other races off the face of the earth. Small World marks the return of the Days of Wonder line of heavily-themed, big-box sized games featuring evocative illustrations, high-quality European components and a compelling, fun theme. Game Contents: Two double-sided game boards (One for each of four possible player configurations), 14 Fantasy Races with matching banners & tokens, 20 Special Power badges, A variety of Troll Lairs, Mountains. Fortresses, Encampments, Holes-in-the-ground, 2 Heroes, A Dragon, Along with Victory Coins, 6 Player Summary Sheets, A Reinforcement Die, Rules Booklet and A Days of Wonder Online Access Number.Recommended Ages:10 – 14 Read More

Jeezle Petes
$34.99 at Kmart

Triviathon will have players singing, dancing, arm wrestling, cheering, cheating, and more!

$24.99 at Kmart

Children of all ages will have fun challenging their spelling skills while playing The Great Word Race!

Trademark Games
$19.99 at Kmart

Support an environmentally sustainable lifestyle and the World Wildlife Fund with these fun and educational games from Terra!2011 the International Year or Forests. Declared by the United Nations General Assembly, the aim of this is to conserve and raise awareness on sustainable management and development of all types of forests in the world. It is vitally important for us to do our best to help protect and rebuild the world's forest. Now, you can do so by buying FSC certified products like these great games! The wood in these toys is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. This is the most trusted symbol for responsibly managed forests and signifies compliance with the highest social and environmental standards.Enjoy learning about and supporting the protection of the endangered species represented in these Wildlife Conservation Collection games while simultaneously promoting the conservation and protection of forests worldwide. Approximately 5% from the sale of this product will be donated to support WWF's global conservation efforts.It's a race to the finish line. Choose your favorite species and find out if you players are the fastest animals in the rainforest.This ludo set will transport you to Borneo & Sumatra: home to the diverse tropical forests, pygmy elephants and orangutans, and of course Sumatran tigers. Like each game in the Wildlife Conservation Collection, the habitat featured in the design is under threat and action is needed to protect it.Enjoy Read More

$19.99 $13.33 at Kmart

Trap your opponent in this step-by-step strategy game for two! Addictive fun-you'll want to play again and again. Includes unique ...hexagonal game board, 2 playing pieces, and 40 blockers. For 2 players. Grades 3+ Read More

$29.99 at Kmart

It may seem like you're in the Tower of Babel, but remember&it's not what you say, it's what you hear!

Blue Orange Games
$29.99 at Kmart

Blue Orange Games Pengoloo Game Time to go to the South Pole for penguin eggs. This simple and fun board game can be played by kid...s of all ages. The game kit contains 12 different-colored eggs, 12 penguins, 2 colored die and 4 scoring boards. Up to six players can play at a time, keeping your kids and their friends engaged in a fun and learning activity. Why You'll Love It: This game is constructed of wood Age: 4 years and up Features Made of wood, smoothed and painted Does not require batteries Can be played by kids of all ages About Blue Orange Games Thierry Denoual and Julien Mayot founded Blue Orange Games in 2000, naming it after the Paul Eluard surrealist poem, The Earth is Blue like an Orange. Blue Orange Games is committed to planting two trees for every one tree used in the creation of their games. They partner with Pur Projet to calculate and offset the carbon footprint of their annual road trip, planting additional trees in the Amazon. In 2007 they became the proud first recipient of Dr. Toy's Green Company Award. Looking towards the future and with an eye for constant improvement, Blue Orange is steadfast in their mission to bring HOT Games to a COOL Planet. Blue Orange Games is based in San Francisco. Read More

$29.99 $24.79 at Kmart

Calling all PHOTOS! Come out and play! No one takes a picture of something they want to forget. Choose 22 of your favorite photos ...and create a personalized gift for any special occasion! Now is your chance to make a game that will be unforgettable! Read More

$24.99 $19.99 at Kmart

If you love puzzles and games you will love From The Gecko.

University Games
$24.99 at Kmart

Take your family around the world without ever leaving the comfort of home, with this board game that follows the smash hit book. ...1,000 Places to See Before You Die now comes to you in this terrific board game. Be the first traveler to leave home, visit at least one destination in each of the five global travel zones, and then return home to win the game. Includes 135 postcards, 45 movement cards, 6 airplane game tokens, game board, die, and instructions. For 2 to 6 players ages 7 and up. Read More

Blue Orange Games
$31.47 at Kmart

From the Blue Orange line of premium games, Gobblet is an award-winning strategy game that will keep families busy and entertained.... To play the game, players work to be the first to get 4 gobblets in a line, but that's not all. The pieces are different sizes and larger pieces can gobble up your opponent's smaller pieces to overtake the board. And if all the pieces have been used and no one has won? Start playing with the pieces on the board, but be careful - you'll need to remember which smaller pieces are underneath the larger ones. We love the beautiful construction of this game and how it comes with a storage case to stash all those pieces. Like many of Blue Orange's toys, this game is made of smooth, solid wood which makes it durable, pleasing to the touch, and ultimately biodegradable. To make things even better, Blue Orange is committed to planting two trees for every tree they use to make their European-inspired toys. We are big fans. Read More

Pressman Toy
$13.99 $11.23 at Kmart

An entertaining board game inspired by a favorite Christmas tradition provides plenty of family fun as everyone tries to track dow...n that elusive elf. Color(s): red assorted. Brand: PRESSMAN TOY. Style Name: Pressman Toy 'The Elf on the Shelf - Naughty or Nice' board Game. Style Number: 970018. Manufacturer part number 4514-06 Read More

$17.99 $13.89 at Kmart

Challenge your vocabulary and critical thinking skills with the fun board game of Scrabble! This classic word game has been update...d a little bit for some new fun. Players receive a random assortment of individual lettered tiles and put together complete words on the board for points. Now, with the addition Power Tiles, players have a few more options. The power tiles can act as a 3 point blank space, as a blocker piece, or can earn players a free exchange of their tiles, without costing a turn! Playing with the Power Tiles leads to higher scoring and a more interesting game, but players can certainly play the traditional way without the power tiles as well. Test your mental dictionary and order Scrabble today! Read More

$22.99 $16.67 at Kmart

This Monopoly Empire Game is a classic fast-trading property game with a brand new twist. When you play it you've got a tower to f...ill with billboards. Buy your favorite brands when you land on their brand spaces, and slide your billboard into the tower. Every time you pass GO, you collect the current value of your tower, so every brand you buy makes you richer. In this tower board game you can hit the top sooner if you buy an office, so start wheeling and dealing and build your way to the top. The Monopoly Empire Game is sure to provide lots of fun and entertainment for the whole family. It includes a game board, four towers, six tokens, 30 billboard tiles, six office tiles, 14 chance cards, 14 empire cards, a money pack, two dice and easy-to-follow instructions. Read More

Spin Master Toys
$19.99 at Kmart

The Quelf Board Game gives random a new name! Use your creativity and imagination to answer crazy questions and perform ridiculous... stunts. There's only one rule, obey the card. If a player obeys the card, they get to move ahead. Be the first person to cross the finish line and you win. Enjoy a non-stop hilarious adventure with a party board game everyone will remember. Three to eight players can compete at once. All the Quelf game accessories are included and ready to go. All you have to do is pick a card and obey it to advance. It is a fun way to get everyone laughing and having a delightful time for a game night your friends and family will want to repeat over and over. Read More

GDC-GameDevCo Ltd.
$34.99 at Kmart

Players become dog handlers in this AKC DVD board game. Equipped with game pawns, players must collect doggie treats and race arou...nd the game board trying to be the first handler to get their dog to the finish line. The game board incorporates aspects of the AKC such as Agility Obstacles and Best in Show competitions. Some spaces on the game board will ask players to interact with the DVD. When interacting with the DVD, players may be asked to take a Name that Breed challenge, collect or lose Doggie Treats , have their dogs perform tricks or pick up Dog Daily News cards where they are given amusing dog-scenarios. This entertaining, family DVD Board Game gives families the opportunity to learn interesting facts about dog breeds registered with the AKC. For 2 - 4 players, ages 8 and up. Contents Include: game board, pawns, DVD, cards tokens, dice and instructions. Read More

$19.99 $15.56 at Kmart

Is it normal: to have lied about your weight on your driver's license? To have laughed so hard that something came out of your nos...e? To have ever worn thong underwear? 100 people have been polled for each question in the game to determine what is and what isn't normal. It's guessing and betting fun-with plenty of surprises throughout the game. For 2 to 6 adult players. WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs. Read More

Pressman Toy Corporation
$17.99 $12.84 at Kmart

Help Scooby Doo and the gang rescue Scooby from the spooky haunted house in this fun Scooby Doo Amazing Chase Game by Pressman Toy.... Each player uses a different color Scooby eraser mover to race along the game board. On your turn, take one of the Scooby snacks from the box to find out what happens next. The snacks will either let you zoom closer to the finish of the chase board game or stop you in your tracks when you pick a monster card. To get to the end more quickly, players run back and forth collecting special discs that magically reveal bonus spaces. The player to get their eraser out of the haunted mansion first, wins. For added excitement, play this Scooby Doo board game watch characters come to life with the free Zappar smart phone app. Read More

Late For The Sky
$15.99 $12.32 at Kmart

LFS1145: Features: -Board game.-Plastic playing tokens.-Made in the USA. Includes: -Includes game board, questions, property deeds... and paper money. Dimensions: -9.75'' H x 13.75'' W x 1.5'' D, 2 lbs. Read More

University Games
$29.99 $20.12 at Kmart

Front Porch Classics and University Games introduce the full-size board game edition of the ever-popular Deer in the Headlights Race each other to play all your cards, but be careful. If a ''Deer in the Headlights'' is rolled, all progress stops. Wi Read More

New Old School Games
$19.99 at Kmart

Ro Sham Bo (aka Rock Paper Scissors) is a board game that takes an age-old concept and transforms it into a game like no other on ...the market - ever. Ro Sham Bo is simple yet complex - an entertaining game that makes play fast, intense, and sometimes personal, but most of all fun. Read More

University Games
$29.99 $20.12 at Kmart

A zombie pandemic is sweeping the globe in World War Z: The Game. Get ready for some action-packed fun. It is you against the and, if you don't get them first, you may just become one. In this game, players get to assume any of six military or Special Forces roles as they travel around the world and strategically attempt to contain the zombie hordes. How you do this and the role you choose are the key to successfully completing a mission on the zombie board game. You have to be careful how you proceed as these shambling hordes can appear in four different strength levels. Don't get overwhelmed or you will be infected and forced to continue the game as one. Suitable for players ages 12 years and up, the challenging World War Z: The Game is a must-have for both strategists and fans of the movie. Read More

Asmodee Editions
$24.99 at Kmart

Texas Zombies is a party game that combines an atmosphere of horror movies and the terror of zombie movies. A group of students the University of Texas decide to visit an old military base, but are surprised by how they are greeted! They come face-to-face with zombies and a Mexican drug cartel. To get outof this terrifying situation they must use the tools that they have at their disposal, such as a cucumber, a knife and a deck of cards! Read More

Smart Toys And Games
$19.99 at Kmart

Vikings Brainstorm is a puzzle game that gets your mind working in a variety of new and exciting ways. It's so engaging that once start playing, it can be very hard to stop. One or more ships with different colored sails are placed on a playing board that contains 9 rotating puzzle pieces. The placement and orientation of those ships and pieces are dictated by a challenge the player has chosen from a booklet. The goal is to then move the ships from their starting points to the designated end points. Read More

$22.99 at Kmart

Get All Your Animals Safely Aboard Perfect for the preschoolers first lessons about Noah! Spin the spinner and move your animals o...nto the ark. Be the first player to get all your animals safely aboard and win! Comes with 3D ark, colorful stand up animals, and spinner. Read More

University Games
$19.99 $18.63 at Kmart

Join Julius and friends in a seek n find game on the high sea! Julius and his friends come to life in the first board game by Paul... Frank for kids. Players race to find various images of their favorite characters from outer space, schoolyards, the shopping mall and the high seas. The winner is the first and fastest to find the hidden characters. More than 100 images in all. Read More

Patch Products
$24.99 $20.17 at Kmart

These jobs are hilarious, wacky and over-the-top, and the workers are even sillier! One player is the client, choosing a card and ...reading aloud the job. All other players use their business cards, selecting the best one for the job, and telling the client why they should be hired! Sometimes the amusing names and witty taglines sell themselves, sometimes you may want to act the part and boast about your imaginary skills! Odd Jobs have never been more fun! For 4 or more players Read More

University Games
$19.99 $14.98 at Kmart

Dora and Pablo are preparing a surprise fiesta for their friends at the Arco Iris Caf??! Her friends have a surprise for Dora too:... new charm bracelet. They need your help on a journey to earn the new magical charms all over Playa Verde.Contents include: folding game board, 4 character pieces, 6 magical charm tokens, 4 bracelet boards, 32 bracelet charms, spinnerInstructions in English and SpanishDora is all grown up Read More

Griddly Games
$24.99 at Kmart

Addictive Brain Bending Game Exercise your mind and outwit your opponents with Oversight, the new fast paced 4 in a row abstract s...trategy game! Oversight is set up on a board of movable squares. Two to four players compete to be the first to get 4 tokens in a row. On their turn, each player can either place a token on the board, or shift an entire row or column of moveable squares over by one space. The rules are simple but the game gets increasingly challenging as players learn from their mistakes and predict their opponents moves. This addictive brain-bending game and can be played by anyone aged 7 and up. Read More

$17.99 at Kmart

The game where trivia is not trivial! With 2100 questions this game is designed especially for children to help teach your childre...n about the Bible. Questions are fully referenced and easy to follow rules are included. For 2-6 players. Ages 6+ Read More

Popular Playthings
$19.99 at Kmart

Welcome to AMBIGUITY, the head-spinning letter-turning word game! Roll the eight letter dice into the tray and turn over the two-m...inute timer. Now the fun begins because the letters on these dice are ambiguous and represent several different letters depending on how you turn your head to view them. Quickly study the face-up letters without moving them and write down as many words as you can spell. Players earn points for word length. The first player to score 100 points wins! So what are you waiting for? Get ready for some head-spinning fun! Read More

University Games
$12.99 at Kmart

Travel around Mexico in this family favorite board game! Turista Mexicano is the same great game played in Mexico for generations.... Start at the Departure square, then move around the board with your airplane. Visit some famous landmarks, or end up in the Garage when your car breaks down. It's a whirlwind tour! Bilingual instructions included Read More

Patch Products, Inc.
$19.99 at Kmart

Swivel Board Game: Swivel???; ??????The whole family will love this Twist on the Classic Four-in-a-Row Game???;! It??????s full of... secret colors, sneaky moves and wacky wild tokens that make you Swivel. Just when you think you??????re about to get four in a row, you or another player may have to twist a level of the 3D game board and change everything! Contents: 3D Game Board, 68 Game Tokens (15 of each color and 8 wild), 4 Player Tokens, Token Bag, and Rules. For 2-4 players ages 7 and up. UPC: 93514074056 Read More

$19.99 $14.99 at Kmart

T-Rex Dinosaur Battle Board Game comes complete with 13 plastic dinosaurs made to scale, 3 colored dice, and a vinyl floor game ma...t showing a prehistoric world. The object of the game is for you to get to the home base before the T-Rex captures your 3 dinosaurs sending them back to start, Exciting strategy and dice game that takes place in the prehistoric age. Read More

University Games
$19.99 $16.30 at Kmart

This Where's Waldo? Board Game is the ultimate search-and-find adventure. We all know the iconic, beloved character and the super-...detailed scenes created by Martin Handford over 25 years ago. Join the Search in this card/board game where you race to find Waldo's world-famous red-and-white stripes. Join Waldo on his adventures to the beach, the wild west, outer space and other worlds throughout time. Arrange the game boards in any order. Spin the wheel and flip a card, and then race to find the hidden objects on the card with this fun board game. The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins. The adjustable board can be configured in multiple ways, and the 12 double-sided tiles offer a new game experience every time you play. Read More

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