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New In Chess,Csi
$11.65 at Amazon

A power move, explains experienced chess teacher Charles Hertan, is a winning master tactic that requires thinking ahead. To becom...e one of the best chess players in your school you need to be able to think just 1,5 moves ahead, and this book teaches the four basic tricks do so. You will learn how to weed out silly moves and just consider a few important ones. Forget about learning openings and endgames, power moves will help you win in all stages of the game. Charles Hertan introduces the four main characters who will help you to learn these basic skills: Zort (a teenaged computer from the planet Zugszwang), the Dinosaurs, Power Chess Kid and the Chess Professor . The most complete and fun kids book ever on learning how to win games! Read More

Cryptozoic Entertainment
$28.23 at Amazon

MOD X is a fun and easy to learn abstract strategy game where your goal is to create patterns with color pieces (red, black, yello...w and orange) to score points towards victory! The game features 14 game pieces for each player and 18 score markers in four colors. Each player takes turns placing their pieces on the game board in an attempt to creating a scoring pattern (either an 'X', a 'plus sign (+)', or '5 in a row'), all while attempting to block your opponents from doing the same thing. Creating a scoring pattern gets you points, and the first player to reach a certain number of points (determined by the number of players) wins the game! Read More

Brand: New In Chess,Csi
$11.85 at Amazon

<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="663" style="border-collapse:collapse;"><tr style="height:20.1pt;"><td sty...le="width:497pt;padding:0.75pt 0.75pt 0pt 0.75pt;border-top:none;border-right:none;border-bottom:none;border-left:none" valign="bottom" width="663"><span><span>For kids who love to amaze their friends with their chess skills, Charles Hertan presents new ways to find Power Moves, winning tactics that require thinking ahead.<br/><br/>In Volume 2, the four special teachers get a new colleague! Knelly the Knight arrives on the scene and will assists Zort (a computer from outer space), the Dinosaurs, the Power Chess Kids and the Chess Professor. Together they will help you to become a very dangerous chess player.<br/><br/>Power Chess for Kids is the most complete, practical and fun kids guide ever on learning how to win games. Forget about studying openings and endgames, Power Moves will help you to beat your opponents in all stages of the game!</span></span><br /></td></tr></table><span><span> </span></span> Read More

Days of Wonder
$38.17 at Amazon

Memoir '44 fans now have a definitive reference tool with Alexis Beuve's Tactics & Strategy Guide.  Novices and veterans alike wil...l improve their Memoir '44 play thanks to this guide's use of core principles to understand and retain key concepts; and the careful study of the 139 scenarios and 4 annotated games included herein.  You'll learn to read the battle map, effectively maneuver troops, anticipate opponents' moves and gauge their relative strengths and weaknesses; as well as discover how to manage the medal count and control the flow of the game - all keys to victory.  Regardless of the battle front and type of terrain you find yourself deployed on, victory will be within your reach. No matter how bloody the engagement, and regardless of your cards or dice rolls, this guide will teach you how to triumph "against all odds". Read More

Griddly Games Inc.
$29.99 at Amazon

Griddly Headz is an award-winning line of family strategy games with different sports themes, but you don't have to know anything ...about sports to love these games!. In Griddly Headz Hockey, skate around the board to score goals. Winning dice-rolling and shooting challenges in the ice rink help get goals, but losing means getting your teeth knocked out! Look out; each player's team has an enforcer whose job is to throw your players out of the game! Learn about decision-making, consequences, strategy, and cooperation. CONTENTS. Comes with 3 sets of 20 Play Cards, Score Pad, 4 "Locker Rooms", 4 Teams of 6 Characters and 2 dice, 2 Hockey Sticks, 2 Pucks, and 1 Game Board Read More

Conceptual Math Media
$20.64 at Amazon

4099229 Features: -Equation Thinking Game. -Fun creating equations crossword-style game. -Include a laminated playing board, 190... tiles, and 4 racks behind which players hide their tiles. -Ages 8 through adult, 2 to 4 players. -Great for the family or classroom. -Easy to learn. -Overall Dimensions: 10'' H x 10'' W x 2'' D. Read More

$25.64 at Amazon

An unusual island exploration game! Hunt for long-thought-extinct animals on La Isla: the Dod, the giant Fossa, the Golden Toad, t...he Sardinian Pika and the Owlet Moth. Place your explorers onto various island spaces encircling as many of the valuable animals as possible. Play your cards to perform special functions, receive key resources, and score victory points for animals you have collected. Play your cards right and you can get the upper hand! Read More

$22.96 at Amazon

Can you build the most prosperous city and keep it safe from pirates? Roll the dice and then strategically choose what to draw on ...your erasable game board. Will it be a market place or houses; a nobleman or a soldier? Easy to learn and fun to play. A combination of strategy and luck of the dice. Read More

Wood Expressions
$31.27 at Amazon

This is the nicest wooden Sudoku board game that we have seen. The wood board is beautifully finished with pull-out drawers and co...mes with 2 sided playing pieces. Sudoku is a worldwide hit, and now we've made it even easier for the whole family to enjoy. This game can be played individually, competitively, as well as in a group setting. Sudoku is recommended by many teachers as an exercise in logical reasoning. Every puzzle has a single, unique solution. Enjoy! Read More

$12.84 at Amazon

35800 Features: -Battlefield blast.-Maneuver your kings and knights to the castle wall.-Opponent uses their air blasters to try to... knock your players off the board.-First player to get two of their pieces to the castle wall is the winner.-Kings and knights can only move in a certain direction.-Be sure to strategize before moving so as not to wander too close to your opponents air catapult. Assembly Instructions: -Assembly required. Read More

Griddly Games
$16.06 at Amazon

Exercise your mind and outwit your opponents with Oversight, the new fast paced 4 in a row abstract strategy game! Oversight is se...t up on a board of movable squares. Two to four players compete to be the first to get 4 tokens in a row. On their turn, each player can either place a token on the board, or shift an entire row or column of moveable squares over by one space. The rules are simple but the game gets increasingly challenging as players learn from their mistakes and predict their opponents' moves. This addictive brain-bending game and can be played by anyone aged 7 and up. Read More

Wiggles 3D
$21.75 at Amazon

Defend your towers while waging attacks on two opponents. Talat is an abstract strategy game based on the number three: three play...ers, three boards, three sizes of towers in three unique shapes. <br /> <br /> Players try to capture enemy towers while strategically moving their own to safety. Taller towers can capture shorter towers, and towers with more sides are more powerful than those with fewer sides. <br /> <br /> Pick up Talat and experience the power of three. Read More

Square Root
$14.99 at Amazon

The Worldwise Imports Old Mill Strategy Wood Puzzle Game offers the same 2-player challenge that has been played for some 3,000 ye...ars! The object is to reduce your opponent down to only 2 marbles. This strategy game includes a durable wooden game board. Read More

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