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Sometimes, if the night is clear and you look to the sky, you will be able to see strange objects zig-zagging between the stars. T...hey are not shooting stars, nor are they meteors, of flying saucers! You are fortunate, for you have just witnessed a race between witches on their flying brooms! Wicked Witches Way is a board game which will put you in command of a flying witch's broom that you will have to control with daring and mastery. Each turn, you will have to find the magic formula that will enable you to advance your celestial broom, and you will even be able to attempt acrobatic maneuvers to charm the audience and gain additional points! Memory, audacity, and cunning will be your best assets to take the victory! Contents A game board, 6 character tokens, 1 "Curse" token, 9 "Magic Formula" dice, 6 sets of 9 cards (one set for each player), 27 "Black Magic" cards, A box (and its cover), which serves as a dice tray and represents the great book of magic. Read More

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