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International Playthings Baby Toys

International Playthings
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A fun fact about bears: while they do enjoy eating honey, if you see a bear raiding a beehive, they're more likely to be eating and bee larvae! Which explains why the Earlyears Honey Bear from International Playthings has a bee in his tummy, but don't worry: this bear and his bee are totally friendly and safe for babies. The Honey Bear baby toy is a soft, plush friend with a cute bear face and a round bear body made of colorful strips of plush that are easy for babies to grip. The bee in the bear's belly teaches your baby cause and effect: when they grab the bee and pull it out, it jitters back in. The bright colors and patterns on the Earlyears Honey Bear baby toy will fascinate and engage your baby as well. Read More

International Playthings
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Earlyears Soft Busy Baby Blocks - Birth & up. Babies will have fun exploring, tossing, shaking, stacking and holding these colorfu...l and soft baby blocks. Features include a variety of textured sides, fun sounds in each block -- rattle, crinkle or squeak, bright colors, fun pictures, and sponge filled for easy grasping. Styles and colors may vary. Washable set of 4 six-sided farm themed blocks. By International Playthings. Read More

International Playthings
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What the baby wants, the baby gets - most of the time. As you know, when babies are displeased, they make it known with an ear-spl...itting level of noise, which makes it urgent to set things right. However, while babies do not always enjoy tummy time, it's not optional: in early infancy, time spent on their bellies is necessary for babies to develop their neck and trunk muscles in preparation for crawling. In order to cajole your baby into spending some time on his tummy, you're going to have to keep him entertained, and the Fill N Fun Water Play Mat from International Playthings will do the trick. A clear inflatable window at the edge of this activity play mat (which you will need to fill with warm water) is full of five colorful floating fish. Your baby will be fascinated by the colors, the shapes, and the novel feeling of the water, and will happily submit to tummy time for the treat of exploring the fishies. Read More

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