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Fisher Price's The Penguin Lets Batman Face His Nemesis A superhero will be at a loss without without supervillains to fight, whic...h is why your superhero figurines need a villain likeDC Superfriends The Penguin. This famous supervillain has long been the nemesis of Batman, and is indispensable to any imaginative play taking place in Gotham City. Fisher Price's The Penguin comes prepared to wreck chaos on Gotham City with umbrella backpack and two penguin sidekicks. He is dressed in a penguin suit with purple pants and a top hat, and has a long staff as an accessory. His removable umbrella backpack features a button your child can press to make the yellow umbrella spin-perfect for those long descents off building rooftops. And the cute plastic penguins glide and slide smoothly across a table top like it's a snowy landscape. With all this pack provides, your child will have a fun time thinking up tough scenarios for Batman to resolve. Read More

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