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Ideal Cookin' Cookies is a fast paced, no reading necessary, card game for 2-4 players that has kids racing to make the perfect co...okie. Players are dealt a recipe card with images of the ingredients they will need to make their cookie. The ingredient cards are laid face down, and the kids all at once pick them up using a suction cup at the end of their smackin’ spoon. They can keep the cards they need and discard what they don’t. If a player draws a Rotten Egg, play pauses, they lose all their cards and must start over. The first player to get everything they need to make their cookie, wins! Includes Tin lunchbox, 4 cookie smackin’ spoons, 8 recipe cards, 26 ingredient cards and instructions. Recommended for children 4 years of age and older. read more

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Fast-paced game covers everything from A to Z. Cover all the letter spaces on your game board by calling out words in specific cat...egories before the time runs out and you win.Features include: -Electronic version of the classic game A to Z-Includes four game boards, 52 category cards, Plastic scoring chips, Dice, New timer and Instructions-Age recommended 8 and above-Fully detailed instructions read more

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