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Thames & Kosmos
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Play the role of archaeologist as you explore this pyramid model and the treasures buried within. After using hieroglyphics to dec...ipher the secret to unlocking the pyramid, use tools and techniques similar to those of a real archaeologist to carefully excavate a sarcophagus and four canopic urns from the hardened sandy catacomb inside. Practice the best techniques for excavating an archaeological site, such as digging, troweling, screening, brushing, and record keeping. As you uncover the artifacts in the pyramid, you will learn about important aspects of archaeological science, including surveys, excavation, conservation, dating, and remote sensing. Learn how to create a gridded excavation site and a diorama. Investigate the layout of the pyramid, its various chambers, hidden passageways, and security devices by constructing a three-dimensional cross section of the pyramid. A full-color, 32-page manual gives step-by-step instructions for the activities and experiments. Recommended Ages:8 and up Weight: 3.29 lb Read More

Thames & Kosmos
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Crystals are fascinating creations of natural beauty. Diamonds, gemstones, rose quartz, snowflakes, sugar grains, and table salt all crystals. Grow your own crystals and explore these exquisitely ordered structures in a fun, creative way with six crafty experiments. This kit includes five different chemicals and other tools for growing crystals. Grow a crystal cloud inside a rainbow. Watch pink iridescent crystals form from a translucent solution. Grow long needle-shaped crystals. Mold plaster hearts and flowers and then grow a layer of pink crystals on them. Create the perfect solution to get crystals to form on a granite rock. A specially designed experiment station provides molds and growing basins for your crystal creations. After you have grown your crystals, store them safely in three clear, locking display boxes. Learn how and why crystals form, and tips and tricks for getting the biggest, most beautiful crystals. Full-color, 16-page experiment manual. Dimensions: 13.1in length x 8.9in width x 2.6in height Weight: 1.6lb Read More

Thames & Kosmos
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Earth is constantly changing. Massive pieces of its outer layer are slowly sliding under, over, away from, or past each other. Ear...thquakes shake the continents and oceans, and volcanoes spew out the molten insides of our planet. By studying these awe-inspiring and devastating natural phenomena, you can learn more about the inner workings of Earth. Build and erupt a model volcano with plaster-based "lava" that hardens after each eruption. The volcano can be erupted multiple times, and the volcanic cone builds up with each eruption, like a real volcano. Learn about the different types of volcanoes. Build a working seismograph, and fake some 'quakes to see for yourself how scientists measure earthquake forces. Discover plate tectonics, and see how volcanoes and earthquakes are caused by the constant movement of the planet's parts. Assemble a plate tectonics puzzle and a geological globe. Play a volcano quiz game to learn about well-known volcanoes. A full-color, 48-page experiment manual is included. Recommended Ages:10 – 15 Dimensions: 13.09in length x 2.6in width x 8.9in height Read More

Learning Resources
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No Assembly Required No Batteries Required Learning Resources Erupting Volcano Model Introduce kids to excitement by giving them L...earning Resources Erupting Volcano Model. It's a self erupting volcano that does not require any assembly. It has a detailed cross section that shows the inside of the volcano. Age: 6 years and up Features No assembly required Easy to clean up Includes An easy-to-prepare lava recipe Clear plastic tray Removable tube Fact-filled activity guide Recommended Ages:6 – 10 Weight: 4.25 lb Read More

Thames & Kosmos
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Grow a marvelous crystal garden with these fast-growing crystals. The centers of four flower cards bloom into delicate crystal str...uctures in just a few hours. You can practically see the crystals form before your eyes on the branches of filter-paper trees. Learn about how and why crystals form, and experiment with different colored flowers. Dimensions: 8.09in length x 2.2in width x 5.09in height Read More

Thames & Kosmos
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Grow phosphorescent crystals that glow in the dark! Experiment with growing crystals of different sizes. Learn about why crystals ...form, what crystal lattice structure is, and what makes these crystals glow. Recommended Ages:8 – 15 Dimensions: 8.1in length x 2.2in width x 5.1in height Weight: 0.5lb Read More

The Young Scientists Club
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No Batteries Required Young Scientists Club The Magic School Bus: Blasting Off with Erupting Volcanoes Ms. Frizzle and her student...s take Young Scientists on a wild ride while blasting off with erupting volcanoes. Young Scientists learn about the layers of the Earth, study tectonic plate movement, explore different volcanic shapes and eruptions, make real pumice float, create the ultimate "lava" mixture, paint and explode a volcano, and much, much more! This explosive kit includes a colorful poster with volcanic facts, pictures, and stickers. Seatbelts, everyone! Get ready to Blast off with Exploding Volcanoes! Why You'll Love It: Kids can build their own pumice float and lava mixture Age: 5 to 12 years Features Interactive toy Science-focused Weight: 1 lb Read More

Thames & Kosmos
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Explore the invisible and amazing power of magnets with 33 engaging experiments and games. This science experiment kit contains ma...ny magnets of different shapes and sizes, and a variety of other components with which you can explore this classic scientific subject. Experiment to determine which materials are magnetic and which are not. Learn about magnetic poles and magnetic fields. Discover how Earth behaves like one giant magnet, and how we use compasses to take advantage of this phenomenon to determine which way is north. Conduct a series of experiments to learn first hand how magnets behave and interact under different conditions. Make invisible magnetic fields visible using iron filings in an enclosed transparent box. Build an electromagnet to learn how electricity relates to magnetism. Finally, have some fun with what you have learned by playing some games with magnets. The full-color, 48-page manual guides your experiments with illustrated step-by-step instructions. Recommended Ages:8 – 15 Dimensions: 13.09in length x 2.6in width x 8.9in height Weight: 1.6lb Read More

Thames & Kosmos
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Grow dozens of dazzling crystals and conduct 15 illuminating experiments with this classic science kit. Experiment with four chemi...cally different crystals each with different properties, including potassium alum crystals that form regular octahedrons, rapidly growing sodium sulfate crystals, long needle-shaped sodium acetate crystals, and plaster which is made from gypsum crystals. Mold fun plaster shapes, including stars, lightning bolts, dolphins, and pyramids, and grow layers of crystals on them. Use dyes to form colored crystals, and mix the dyes to grow a rainbow of custom colored crystals. Display your crystal creations in a clear treasure chest with a locking lid. Mold your own geode — a hollow rock with crystals growing inside — and create a beautiful crystal cavern inside. Experiment with growing crystals rapidly and slowly, and observe how that affects the crystal structures. See if you can grow one giant crystal, and many small crystals on the surface of a rock. Measure how the crystallization of solids out of a solution, and the dissolution of crystals back into solution, affect the temperature of the solution. Learn about the energy of crystallization. Investigate solutions, crystallization, and the chemistry of crystal growing. Learn about the structures and geometries of different crystal shapes. This kit is thoroughly tested and safe: Over one million units of this kit have sold worldwide. A full-color, 32-page experiment manual guides your experiments in crystal chemistry and Earth science. Recommended Ages:12 – 15 Dimensions: 16.8in length x 3.2in width x 11.5in height Weight: 2.9lb Read More

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No Assembly Required No Batteries Required With an assortment of crystal growing activities, the Ultimate Crystal Kit has more cry...stals for you to grow than any other kit! You'll learn all about crystals and grow every type of crystal imaginable, including giant gems, glowing geodes, and an entire crystal garden. Features include: •This kit has 15 different crystal growing activities •Grow geodes and grow giant crystals •Grow crystals quickly - See spectacular results with in a 2 - 3 days •This fun kit makes geology exciting and accessible to kids •The crystal experiments in this kit make great projects for science fairs Recommended Ages:9 and up Dimensions: 15.19in length x 12.19in width x 3.39in height Read More

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Slinky Science Climate Cubes Climate cubes weather information station contains four functional weather instruments. A Wind Vane, ...Anemometer (Wind Speed), Thermometer, and Rain Gauge. Recommended Ages:8 – 12 Weight: 0.5 lbDimensions:7 x 3.6 x 9 inches Read More

Alex Toys
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GROW and GLOW MEGA CRYSTAL KIT Grow 5 beautiful crystals then display them on a multicolor light up base! So easy! No boiling wate...r needed! Just stir the magic powder in water, add in the growing base and watch your crystals grow. Includes 5 growing bases, 5 growing cups, 5 colors of crystal powder, a light up display base, stir sticks and easy instructions. Read More

Alex Toys
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GROW A CRYSTAL - 24PCS/PDQ Amaze your friends with a beautiful crystal you grow yourself! No boiling water needed! Includes growin...g base, growing cup, crystal powder, stir stick and easy instructions. Read More

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Ravensburger Science X Activity Kit - Crystals and Gemstones How do you grow fascinating crystals yourself? Do crystal salts have ...different properties? Are all gemstones equally hard? This kit contains five different crystal salts and real gemstones to launch you into the captivating and multifaceted world of mineralogy! Read More

Thames & Kosmos
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Discover the invisible world of magnetic forces. "Draw" pictures with magnets. Make a magnetic driving test. Test the strength of ...magnets and learn how to lift objects without touching them! Dimensions: 8.09in length x 5.09in width x 2.2in height Weight: 0.5lb Read More

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Ravensburger Science X Activity Kit - Crystal Magic How do you create your own dazzling crystals? Are there crystals in your kitch...en cabinet? You will be transported into the vast, fascinating world of crystals and quickly develop into a real expert. Become a genuine mineralogist! Read More

Trend Enterprises
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Teacher-created, child-tested cards are ideal for showing each state in its regional context at school, at home, or on the go! Car...ds include information about the 50 states, state capitals, 5 U.S. regions, original 13 Colonies, and the District of Columbia. Handy 3 1/8" x 5" size. Cards feature rounded corners for quick sorting. 56 two-sided cards. Weight: 0.35 lb Read More

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