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Tiny Love Toy Animals

Tiny Love
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Crawling is part perspiration and part inspiration. Though your baby can take care of the sweating part on her own, Tiny Love has ...a special toy that will join you in cheering her along the way. Follow Me Fred is a motorized self-rolling puppy that engages beginning crawlers. It features a multi-directional, accordion-shaped body that can move straight ahead or twist in a circular movement. If this isn't enough to fascinate your child, this adorable pet-on-wheels also has colorful buttons that play music and cheerful doggie sounds as he strolls. Worried that your baby will get left behind by her new buddy? No worries. There are two speed settings that allow you to adjust Follow-Me Fred to your baby's pace. Also, if your baby forgets about her new buddy, Fred will bark after a minute like a real dog to get her back in the game. Not only will your little crawler enjoy playing follow the leader, but she will develop several essential skills when playing with Follow Me Fred. Read More

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