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Chemistry & Physics

Inspire a sense of wonder in your child with science toys that are as fun as they are educational. Encourage your young scientist to experiment with a telescope, microscope, laboratory kit, globe, ant farm, magnet, chemistry set, gyroscope, fossil collection, or plant-identification book. No matter your child's age, you'll find science toys he can use to better understand the world around him.
Scientific Explorer
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Find educational kits and learning tools at! Introduce young kids to the wonders of chemistry with a my first kit! 14 a...t home science experiments are included in this kit. Kids will learn to use a microscope, make powders disappear and reappear, turn liquids to solids, make things fizz, foam, and jiggle, and much more! This chemistry set is a perfect introduction to chemistry for young learners. A perfect educational gift for kids 4 and up.?? scientific explorer s my first chemistry kit includes citric acid, baking soda, gelatin, (6) strips of ph paper, (5) plastic cups, magnifier, measuring spoon, microscope, (2) petri dishes, pipette, stick and a 15-page activity guide. My... Read More

Flat River Group, LLC
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Find educational kits and learning tools at! Your junior scientist will love the young scientists seriesset 7. This set... is a collection of 3 kits: kit 19bones and muscles; kit 20the senses, and kit 21light. These kits make science fun. Your child can make a hinge and ball-and-socket joint; study and recreate an x-ray; map taste buds; find cold- and hot-receptors, compare spinning glitter to the ear and make a vocal-cord model. The journey continues with the study of sight and light, creating optical illusions, making rainbows with a prism and white light with a color wheel. Read More

Scientific Explorer
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Find educational kits and learning tools at! Decorate and build two balsa wood airplanes. Launch a foam plane and watch... it fly high. Fold different shapes and styles of paper airplanes to amaze friends. Kids will be able to construct and decorate a glider, build a sling-shot to launch a foam jet plane, and conduct flight experiments. This science kit is a great introduction to physics and is a perfect learning toy for kids 6 and up.?? this kit includes (2) balsa wood bodies, (2) balsa wood wings, (2) balsa wood vertical tails, (2) balsa wood horizontal tails, (2) metal clips, foam plane, foam plane launcher, (3) paintbrush pens, (3) sheets of decals, (5) sheets of colored paper, (4)... Read More

Flat River Group, LLC
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Find educational kits and learning tools at! Your junior scientist will love the young scientists seriesset 9. This set... is a collection of 3 kits: kit 25magnetism; kit 26static electricity, and kit 27tornadoes, clouds and the water cycle. These kits make science fun. Your child can shape magnetic fields, construct a magna doodle, bend water, create real lightning sparks, make cereal jump, learn about the water cycle, and form clouds in a jar. Finish this set with a tornado in a bottle. Read More

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Find educational kits and learning tools at! Kids will love this chemistry kit & physics toy by scientific explorer! Th...e meteor rocket is a science experience kids will never forget. Go for a new altitude record by varying the proportions of baking soda and vinegar, try balsamic vinegar to see if it gives an extra kick to the fuel, change the fuselage length to test flight characteristics. Chemistry and physics will never be the same! The baking soda and vinegar formula starts a chemical reaction inside the patented fueling module, creating enormous power that blasts the meteor over 100 feet into the sky! Rocket is 20 inches tall. Learning toys are the... Read More

Flat River Group, LLC
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Find educational kits and learning tools at! Your junior scientist will love this science on a nature walk kit from the... young scientists club. Your child can learn to find animal tracks and fossilize them; find treasures on a scavenger hunt; make a compass, perform leaf chromatography and make a bug house. This kit includes binoculars, a butterfly net, magnifying glass with whistle, chromatography paper, data entry book, plaster, tracking guide and a waist-belt pouch to carry some of these items. Read More

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Find educational kits and learning tools at! Combine chemistry and electro-magnetics in this fun science kit from scien...tific explorer! Kids will love building their own radio, building their own motor, and assembling a boat that actually runs in water! The crystal radio kit lets kids build their own radio, pick up radio stations, and experiment with radio waves while learning the basics of chemistry! The electric motor kit lets kids build their own working motor, install it in a mini-boat, and cruise their boat around in water while learning about electro-magnetics! This combo kit is the perfect educational gift for kids ages 8 and up! Crystal radio kit includes:?? 1 diode, 1... Read More

$31.49 at Target

Find educational kits and learning tools at! Your junior scientist will love this 130-in-1 electronic playground from e...lenco. Your child can learn the basic principles of electronics and electricity, physics and magnetism. Projects include: am broadcast station, an electronic organ, an led strobe light, timer, logic circuits and much more. This kit uses the spring/wire connection method for quick-and-easy modifications and trouble-shooting. It comes with a built-in speaker, 7-segment led display, 2 fully integrated circuits, rotary controls and an easy-to-read illustrated manual. Read More

$22.99 at Target

Find educational kits and learning tools at! This combo pack from scientific explorer is a great way to teach kids abou...t chemistry in a fun and engaging way! With the slime science kit, kids can create 5 different types of slime with their own slime laboratory! Kids will use seeing, hearing, smelling, and touching to make observations about the different properties of each slime while completing the 7 different activities included. With the kitchen chemistry set kids will be able to explore the science behind food and substances we find in our homes. 10 different experiments let kids turn bones into rubber, change liquids to rainbows, make rock candy, gooey slime, super... Read More

Scientific Explorer
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It bubbles! It foams! It s a fizzy foamy science kit! Children young and old will enjoy mixing safe powders to create solutions foam and fizz. What makes soda pop, pop? Bread rise? These are some of the questions answered as young scientists measure, predict, and investigate using safe chemicals and common household materials. This kit includes citric acid powder, baking soda, yeast, color tablets and more for multiple investigations that can be done right on your kitchen table. Children will learn fun chemistry ideas while developing important skills for later science learning. Need a science fair project? These activities can help your child design one about acids, liquids, and chemical reactions! Created in collaboration with the early learning experts at UC Berkeley GEMS. Read More

$20.99 at Target

Find educational kits and learning tools at! Your junior scientist will love this chem 60 science kit from elenco. Your... child can perform over 60 experiments using the contents of the kit and common household items. He or she will learn about chemical reactions; acids and bases; chromatography; crystal growing; surface tension; solutions and colloids; expansion of gases; magnetism; optics; growing plants and more. This kit provides the opportunity for children to discover how scientific concepts are used at home daily. Read More

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Find educational kits and learning tools at! Don t blink or you ll miss the action! This sleek 2 foot long land speed c...hallenger will take kid s breath away as it roars off. It s a real rocket on wheels, powered by a baking soda and vinegar fueling system. This car can launch up to 200 feet! This is the perfect at home science experiment to teach kids about chemical reactions, energy, aerodynamics, physics and more!?? this set includes a paper-stock, die-cut axle support; 3 plastic wheels; 2 aluminum rods; rubber tubing; red plastic film; pieces of silver duralar; a fueling module; 2 plastic bottles; balsa wood; a nose cone; a 10" weather stripping;... Read More

Paws in Motion
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Busy children are happy children. Or is that busy children make for happy parents? In either case, these puzzles will satisfy your... kids on both fronts, while they learn to problem-solve and tune their fine motor skills. These "magic motion" puzzles feature some of their favorite fictional and sports characters and what makes the puzzles unique is that when looked at from different angles, those characters seem to come to life!. Read More

$34.99 $29.74 at Kohl's

Fuel your little one's curiosity with this Smithsonian Mega Science Lab. Multi-lab science set provides an opportunity to learn ab...out volcanoes, weather, crystal growing, dinosaurs, microscopic science and outer space. Lab station provides the foundation for a multi-activity set. Details: Includes T-rex dinosaur dig, Earth/moon model, weather station, volcano, mini eco dome, habitat & materials to grow crystals Ages 8 years & up Promotional offers available online at may vary from those offered in Kohl's stores. Color: Outer Space/Earth. Gender: Unisex. Age Group: Kids. Material: Crystal. Read More

The Young Scientists Club
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Young Scientists Club The Magic School Bus: Chemistry Lab Accompany Ms. Fizzle and her students to explore the field of chemistry.... Young Scientists Club The Magic School Bus: Chemistry Lab teaches kids to make sticky measure pH and build bubble sculpture. Children get to learn chemistry concepts while carrying out fun activities including creating wake-up fungus, performing chromatography, making milk rainbow and plate copper. Why You'll Love It: Every experiment is a lesson in fun. Age: 5 to 12 years Features Fun and educational Includes Experiment cards Data notebook Plastic trays Easy-to-follow instruction manual Recommended Ages:5 – 12 Read More

Great Explorations
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Get hands-on with mixing solutions in your very own slime laboratory! Kids create their own Slime Laboratory and explore scientifi...c inquiry, states of matter and more chemistry concepts in this non-toxic, child-safe Learning Kit. Complete instruction guide features easy-to-follow steps and thoughtful questions. Conduct more than 20 experiments that explore the mysteries of matter. It's chemistry! Slime Science Kit is great for kids who are just starting to get into science. Read More

Be Amazing Toys/Steve Spangler
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Great for introducing science principles to young scientists!Just add water and watch these little clear and colored beads grow giant jelly marbles. Before soaking sort the different colors and ask yourself science questions like How are these alike and how are they different? Do you think the different colors will grow to different sizes? Try it and see! Afterward you can have lots of fun playing with your experiments. Find a water-safe surface and play the slimiest game of marbles in town or try out your new jelly bouncy ball. You can even try to grow your amazing spheres in different liquids like milk vegetable oil or salt water. Use a notebook and record your hypotheses and observations!With this kit you will:- Sort hypothesize and test just like a real scientist.- Add water and watch your beads grow into giant jelly marbles that BOUNCE.- Learn about the amazing superabsorbent polymer.- Use physics magic to make the clear spheres disappear and reappear.Science Principles explored in this activity: chemistry applied chemistry physicsNOTE TO PARENTS:This is a great kit for teaching science principles and skills to young scientists. The fun colorful experiments capture the attention of the youngest science explorers and children gain confidence observational skills and the ability to follow-through with tasks as they set up experiments wait for them to be completed and record their experience by writing or drawing.You can easily incorporate the scientific method to principles learned by experimenting with your Clear Spheres. Be sure to act as a learning facilitator: encourage questions and don t have all of the answers. Instead say things like I m not sure what will happen—let s try it and see! Amazing spheres are safe to poke prod pinch or squeeze through your fingers.As a possible choking hazard keep them away from pets and babies. Experiment com Read More

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Engino Mechanical Science Screws Kit, the fun and easy way to learn about physics! Budding engineers will learn how worm gears are... used, how screws can convert circular to linear motion, and more while they have fun building 5 working models! 5 models in all: screw press, folding lifting platform, 2 cranes, and a vice. Included is the 36-page activity book with detailed explanation of the different technological principles applied. 150 piece in all. For kids age 8 and up. Warning: Choking hazard, for children 8 and up. Order today! Engino Mechanical Science Screws Kit Read More

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Toysmith Volcano Making Kit Toysmith Volcano Making Kit fascinates kids with an eruption right in front of their eyes. This kit in...cludes volcano mold, 2 packs of plaster powder, paint strip, paint brush, stirring tool, baking soda, fun graphic cardboards for decoration and detailed instructions. Kids have to just add vinegar and baking soda into the crater and see the volcano erupt. Why You'll Love It: Watch before it blows. Age: 7 to 11 years Features Easy to create Experimental Reusable Simple illustrations Educational Includes Fast drying plaster Volcano mold Paint Wooden stir stick Paint brush Recommended Ages:7 – 11 Read More

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VTech Move and Zoom RacerGet your baby moving with the Move & Zoom Racer by VTech! Shake the smart rattle and this little racer st...arts rolling. Put the smart rattle into the car and watch it ?dance? to the music. There's no sitting still with this interactive toy. Your child will develop their motor skills as they chase and race their way to learning fun! Put your baby on the fast track to learning with VTech's Move & Zoom Racer. Two ways to play and a little racer rattle offer loads of imaginative fun. This playful car responds to the smart rattle when its shaken. Shake the rattle to make the car go, or place it in the car to watch it ?dance? to music and drive on its own. Two buttons teach your little one counting and cheerful sing-along songs, while chasing after the car encourages motor development. It's time to shake, rattle and learn!-Easy-to-control smart rattle makes the race car go, stop and dance-1,2,3 and music buttons teach counting and play music-Race car's movement encourages babies to chase after it and develop motor skills-21 Playful melodies & sing-along songs keep little ones engaged-Parent-friendly features include volume control for quieter play and automatic shut off Read More

$24.99 at Amazon

Engino Mechanical Science Cams & Cranks Kit makes learning about physics FUN! Inquisitive youngsters will learn all about transmit...ting power using cams and cranks, converting motion, and more... all while they have fun building 5 different educational models! Kids will learn to make an oil drill, flying eagle, crane, and more, and with the included 36-page activity, it's surprisingly easy. 104 pieces in all. For children 8 and up. Warning: Choking hazard, for children 8 and up. Order today! Engino Mechanical Science Cams & Cranks Kit Read More

The Young Scientists Club
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If your kid jumps at the thought of brine shrimp or owls, while his or her friends wait in the wings, then this tenth edition of t...he Young Scientists Series set is just what he or she needs. Collection of three exciting and educational science kits includes seeds, fruits and other plant parts, eggs and owls. Seeds, fruits and other plant parts kit lets kids study what botanists do on a daily basis. Eggs kit provides unhatched brine shrimp, so young scientists can grow their own habitat. Owl kit offers an actual rodent pellet that reveals a real rodent skeleton for dissecting. Winner of the Dr. Toy 100 Best Children's Products Award. Details: Online exclusive Includes: beans, magnifying glass, charcoal, peat pellets, straws, cotton, paper towel wicks, wheat or rye seeds, seed mixture, brine shrimp cysts, yeast, magnifying glass, eye dropper, pH paper, pH chart, rock salt, owl pellet (heat pasteurized and safe for handling), toothpicks, bone identification chart, pieces of screen, rodent skeleton chart & instructions Ages 9 & up Some household items required Model no. 4098515 Promotional offers available online at may differ from those offered in Kohl's stores. Color: Charcoal/Peat/Wheat. Gender: Unisex. Age Group: Kids. Material: Glass/Paper/Cotton. Read More

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