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Cover your ears because your child is going to squeal when she discovers the ?magic? action in this Busy Ball Popper toy! The powe...r of air pushes balls out of the elephant?s trunk, but it sure feels like magic to her. We made the trunk adjustable so the play can advance as your child grows. For little ones, just angle the trunk to the back left and the balls will roll into the front belly pocket for put-and-take play. Angle it to the back right for continuous popping action. For bigger kids, angle the trunk to the back center for random pop-and-roll fun or angle it forward and all the balls will pop out onto the floor for ultimate chase-and-fill play! Don?t worry, the balls are super lightweight ? it helps them pop! Your child is going to get some great physical play out of this toy, but she?ll never know she?s ?exercising,? she?ll think she?s just having fun. This toy also helps encourage development of Fine Motor Skills, Gross Motor Skills, Cognitive Learning and Sensory Development. Read More

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