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Oasis Musical Instruments

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Guitar Accessories - Note: This is a combo pack including the Oasis Guitar Humidifier and the Oasis Digital Hygrometer.Many of the... most common problems with acoustic guitars are due to humidity. Keep your investment protected with the Oasis Guitar Humidifier and Hygrometer Combo Pack. Have you ever noticed that the tonality of your guitar can change season to season? Or that the string action changes? This can all be due to humidity issues. Too little humidity can cause slight changes or even massive damage to your guitar. Ever see an acoustic where the top has started to split? Good chance it was due to humidity. The Oasis Guitar Humidifier and Hygrometer Combo Pack lets you rest at ease knowing your guitar is safe and protected.The Oasis Guitar Humidifier is made from a special fabric that allows water vapor, but not water, to pass through it. As more humidity is needed, the Humigel crystals release it which creates a vacuum that shrinks the humidifier, letting you see when it needs Read More

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Guitar Accessories - What's the average humidity in your guitar's case? If you had the Oasis Digital Hygrometer you'd know! Oasis knows that the number one cause of lackluster performance in acoustic instruments is low or high humidity - it can even damage your instrument if left unchecked in the long term. Just place the Oasis Digital Hygrometer in your guitar case, and you'll know instantly what the humidity in your case is, helping determine when to add a humidifier. Keep your acoustic guitar at top-notch performance, with help from the Oasis Digital Hygrometer!Oasis Digital Hygrometer Features:In-case solution for monitoring the humidity inside your acoustic guitar caseHelps you monitor and maintain optimum humidity level for your instrumentStable case humidity helps prevent warped or cracked instruments caused by incorrect humidityCompact design for convenienceRecords high-low temperatures for enhanced case-condition monitoringMake sure your guitar's environment is optim Read More

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