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Learning Resources
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06/17/2011 New-View Science Life Cycles Card Set See the steps of life cycles change right before your eyes! Lenticular cards tilt... to change the plant and animal images, which illustrate the life cycles of frogs, chickens, birds, fish, snakes, insects (butterfly, fly), mammals (human, cat), plants (flower, bean, vegetable, fruit) and more. Extend the learning with the related information and content vocabulary offered on reverse sides. Includes 18 double-sided cards (4"L x 5"H) in storage tray plus Activity Guide. Grades 1+ LER 2928 Set of 18 $17.99 Read More

Learning Resources
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06/17/2011 Spotlight on Science Words Pocket Chart Stretch comprehension to higher levels! Teaches science vocabulary through the ...Frayer Model (graphic organizer), a research-based strategy. Expansive card set provides definitions, characteristics and large photos that relate to 75 key science words. Includes 160 cards with some blanks, Activity Guide and grommeted chart (28?L x 30?H) with storage on reverse. Grades 2+ LER 7351 $32.99 Read More

Learning Resources
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06/17/2011 Giant Magnetic Solar System Full-color, realistically detailed magnets capture students? attention as you model space s...cience concepts on your whiteboard. Includes 8 planets, Pluto (dwarf planet), Sun, Earth?s moon, asteroid belt and Activity Guide. Largest magnet (Sun) measures 10? in diameter. Grades K+ LER 6040 Set of 12 $19.99 Read More

Learning Resources
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06/17/2011 Let's Grow! Life Cycles Game Energize learners with this fun early science game that encourages deeper understanding of... life cycles. Realistic illustrations reinforce developmental stages of a chicken, frog, butterfly and plant. Players race to complete a life-cycle puzzle as they play memory match. Includes game board (14" in diameter), 4 life-cycle game cards, 16 puzzle pieces, 4 pawns, spinner and Guide. For 2?4 players. Grades K+ LER 2886 $19.99 Game Play: ? Select a life-cycle game card?chicken, frog, butterfly or plant ? Spin to move around the board, uncovering puzzle pieces to fill in your life cycle ? First one to complete a life-cycle card wins! Read More

Learning Resources
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06/17/2011 First Grade Vocabulary Photo Cards Target development of key vocabulary?just for first-graders! Large set of colorful c...ards is organized by subject (math, science, language, general) to facilitate cross-curricular connections. Card fronts feature a word and real-life photo and reverse sides offer definition and word used in a sentence. Includes 25 challenge words to stretch skills. Aligns with most picture dictionaries and word lists. Ideal for word walls, pocket charts, ELLs and students with special needs. Includes 150 cards (3"L x 3"H) in storage box and Activity Guide. Grades 1+ LER 6082 Set of 150 $19.99 Read More

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