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House of Marbles Botany & Gardening

House of Marbles
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House Of Marbles Children's Garden Tool Set - It's no secret kids love to play in the dirt and these pint-size hand tools let them... do just that. Give kids the chance to learn all about the fun of gardening while working alongside you. Set includes a fork rake and trowel so they can dig to their heart's content plus a watering can to keep their seedlings moist. Also includes a waterproof garden tote so they can carry their tools to and fro. An easy wrap-and-go gift! In 1973 our founder began making Solitaire and other board games in his garage and selling them at local Craft Fairs. Looking around for interesting playing pieces he realized that if he wanted colorful and unusual glass marbles he was going to have to find them for himself - and so House of Marbles was born. Enjoy this cute Children's Garden Tool Set. A sturdy canvas bag containing a rake fork spade and watering can especially made for smaller hands and curious minds. Read More

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