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Introducing Smart About Scientists! These books feature fascinating biographical information about the world's greatest scientists..., ideas on scientific thinking, and real science experiments kids can try at home. Annie Marcus is just nuts about peanut butter! When Annie finds out that George Washington Carver was responsible for the popularity of peanuts, she picks him for her scientist report. Annie learns all sorts of fascinating info-George Washington Carver was born into slavery, but his dedication and unquenchable thirst for knowledge drove him to become a professor at a time when most institutions of higher learning were closed to blacks. This title explores Carver's brilliant career and discoveries, as well as his triumph over segregation to become one of the world's most renowned plant experts. Illustrated by Jill Weber.Book Details:Format: PaperbackPublication Date: 12/29/2003Pages: 32Reading Level: Age 5 and Up Read More

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