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DuneCraft Botany & Gardening

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<p><strong>DuneCraft Cactus Gardens - Wild West Cactus Roundup</strong></p><p>The Wild West Cactus Roundup is a complete kit to gr...ow over 25 different varieties of cacti in a unique planting corral. This unique offering is great for kids and a terrific alternative or supplement to electronic and digital toys. The Wild West Cactus Roundup comes with everything needed to grow cacti from seed easily and quickly. This educational kit includes 3 colorful wild west backgrounds, a multi-dimensional planter, and "Desert Stone," - cool looking decorative pebbles. The terra cotta planter has a multitude of planting tubes of differing heights and diameters extending from a contoured base. The patent-pending planter was designed specifically for growing cacti. An information booklet contains photos and specific information on each of the 20+ cacti varieties included in the kit, as well as detailed planting and care information. The custom designed planting pod presents all product contents in an attractive format.</p><br><BR>Recommended Ages:4 and up Read More

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