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Educa Blocks & Building Sets

$30.95 at Serious Puzzles

An adorable twist on puzzles, this puzzle uses 3 dimensions and 6 sides to allow different puzzles to come together by assembling ...the magnetic blocks. Among the images you'll see on the different sides of this creative cube are a mare and her colt, puppies, bunnies and more! There are 12 different completed images to be seen in this block puzzle. Educa puzzles are known around the world for their quality standards, using green & blue boards which create exact piece fits and greatly reduces puzzle dust. As well, every Educa puzzle between 500 and 2000 pieces includes puzzle glue for preserving your success, and a Puzzle Piece Replacement Guarantee through which they replace lost or missing puzzle pieces directly to the customer. Read More

$25.95 at Serious Puzzles

This Magnetic Puzzle Cube is a unique and innovative way to create multiple puzzles simultaneously by combining individual blocks.... 6 different puzzle images can be created by joining the blocks in various ways. All the blocks are magnetically attracted to each other, making it easier to handle and join the images. The magnets are strong & keep the blocks joined together! The six images include: Mouse Running with Cheese, Lamb and Bird, Cow and Calf, Mare and Foal, Rooster and Chicks, and Rabbit and Bunny. Read More

$20.95 at Serious Puzzles

These magnetic cubes introduce your little one to 6 basic skills with a fun, colorful, and interactive experience. Like playing blocks only more beneficial! Match the faces of the blocks by category and learn numbers 1-5, the Vowels, Shapes, Colors, and more with bright & colorful designs and magnetic attachment to help keep the blocks in place for children as they develop their fine motor skills. It's fun, educational, and downright adorable! Read More

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