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Mega Bloks Barbie Dolls

Mega Bloks
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<b>Mega Bloks Barbie Build 'n Play Glam Salon</b><p>Barbie doll has a favorite little spot where she gets styled up for the latest... fashion trends. The Barbie Build 'n Play Glam Salon has the cutest Ccuts and fashion accessories.</p><br><BR>Recommended Ages:4 ? 6 Read More

Mega Bloks
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Now you can build, design and decorate the perfect Build ?n Style Pet Shop for Pretty Pets Barbie and her friends to bring their f...urry companions and have a fun day getting a ?pet-icure?. The fully stocked Pet Shop is a one-stop boutique and grooming place for cute and cuddly animals to relax and play with Barbie!<P> <table cellpadding="10" cellspacing="0" border="0" width="250" align="left"> <tr><td align="center"> <img src="" alt="Pets and Purple Purse" width="300",height="180"><br><br><font size="1"><b><em>Pets and Purple Purse<br></em></b></font> </td></tr> <tr><td align="center"><img src="" alt="All the Pets in the Pet Shop" width="300",height="180"><br><br><font size="1"><b><em>All the Pets in the Pet Shop<br></em></b></font> </td></tr> </table> <b>The Pet Shop that you can build and style however you want</b> <br>The Build ?n Style Pet Shop encourages creativity and imagination by allowing anyone to build their boutique any way they want. Barbie fans can build this pretty pet shop as shown, or allow their inner style to shine as they create their own furry friends specialty store any way they want. Tons of highly detailed pet shop accessories open the door for countless opportunities to style the store in any number of ways. Barbie fans can create and decorate as little or as much as they want, then get right back to living in Mega Bloks Barbie?s world. <P> <P><b>A pet shop that?s pretty in pink</b> <br>Open the beautiful glass doors and step into a world made to pamper your furry friends! The Build ?n Style Pet Shop is packed to the brim with fashionable accessories for Pretty Pets Barbie and her pets. Beautiful trees and flowers wrap around the store, and Barbie-themed signs let her friends know what?s inside. The pet shop is furnished with pet beds and baskets, grooming tools, a laptop to keep appointments, and more! It?s the perfect place for pets to get pampered.<P> <P><b>Groom, pamper and play with your pets all day long</b> <br>The Build ?n Style Pet Shop includes a cute kitten, a fun puppy, and a glamorous pink poodle that you can style with highly detailed grooming accessories. Blow dryers, brushes and mirrors help Pretty Pets Barbie groom each pet to perfection. Offer them a tasty treat such as a bone for being a good sport while putting on the finishing touches with a bow or flower. Then take Pretty Pets Barbie?s furry friends on the play podium and teach them all kinds of tricks! Two different kinds of aquariums, one printed wall tank full of fishy fun, and a smaller aquarium with two little fish that turn and swim as you twist the top, also compliment the pet shop. Dress Pretty Pets Barbie in one of two interchangeable dresses and change her from work to go shopping or shows, and accessorize her with purses, hats and hair clips. Barbie fans can share these outfits with other highly collectible mini-fashion figures. See what happens when you combine the Build n? Style Pet Shop with other Mega Bloks Barbie products to create a Mega Bloks Barbie world that is the dream of Barbie fans everywhere. <P> <b>What's In The Box?</b> <br>98 pieces, instruction booklet, a mini-fashion figure, pet figures <br clear="all"> <table cellpadding="30" cellspacing="0" border="0" align="center"> <tr> <td align="center"> <img src="" alt="Barbie brushing her lovely poodle" width="560",height="250"><br><br><font size="1"><b><em>Barbie brushing her lovely poodle</b></em></font> </td></tr> </table> <br clear="all"> Read More

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