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Barnes & Noble Ken Dolls

Barnes & Noble
$69.95 at Barnes & Noble

Happy Birthday KENŽ BARBIEŽ Glamour Doll: It s time to celebrate KenŽ doll s 50th anniversary and birthday with the BarbieŽ glamou...r doll! A stunning vision, BarbieŽ glamour doll is especially designed from head to toe to incorporate KenŽ doll s signature style and signature color! Her dress is cyan blue and the bow around her waist is inspired by KenŽ doll s bow ties and the plaid bodice is a nod to KenŽ doll s fabulous sweater vests. BarbieŽ glamour doll also presents a like gift, with a label for KenŽ doll. Happy Birthday, KenŽ! BarbieŽ doll cannot stand alone. For ages 14 - 16. Read More

Barnes & Noble
$24.99 at Barnes & Noble

SWEET TALKING KEN? Doll: KenŽ is BarbieŽ doll s ultimate boyfriend for every occasion. Why? Because the KenŽ doll says whatever yo...u want him to say (you talk, he records up to 5 seconds of sound, and plays back). Just press the button on KenŽ doll s chest to record your voice (a microphone is built into his chest) and then by pressing 3 different buttons on KenŽ doll s lower back you can play back in a high, normal or low pitch. Sweet! Doll cannot stand alone. For ages 3 - 5. Read More

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