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Djeco Blocks & Building Sets

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Djeco Djeco 12 Color Animal Blocks 12, 4 sided heady cardboard blocks to stack together in threes to create lots of fun animals!

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Djeco Funny Blocks - 10 Stacking Blocks 10 piece stacking block set with colorful pictures of:Children doing different activities ...(eating, taking a bath, playing with a doll, etc.) Jungle animals on one side (tiger, elephant, zebra, etc.), Farm animals climbing a ladder that over-laps (so the ladder goes all the way up the 10 blocks and on each block is a different farm animal like pig, cow, donkey, etc.), one side with numbers with corresponding pictures with the same number of items as the block (so 10 balls on the block with the number 10 on it), and geometric shapes on one side (square, rectangle, circle).This still can be an open-ended block play set.Stacked, the blocks are 34 high.Very colorful with great graphics all around pieces. Blocks are open on one end (no graphics inside)Cube-shaped, full-color retail packaging shows the all the pieces in the set and a larger image of 2 sides and a smaller image of the opposite 2 sides.shows the all the pieces in the set and different ways of using it. Ages 12+ months ? Imported- China Read More

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