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Destineer Puzzles

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Crossword Challenge [USA Today], a Nintendo console exclusive, is a word game.

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Take a trip to Puzzle City, a crazy combination of block-dropping action and city-building simulation. Enjoy loads of construction...-based activities that have you putting up entire cityscapes with color-coded blocks. Multiple gameplay stages take you to the Moon, across arid deserts and up to the tops of snow-covered Mountains. Get your hard hat ready Puzzle City isn't going to build itself. Become a virtual foreman and fill this fantastical world with up to 48 cityscapes. Construct homes, factories, shopping Malls, schools, fire stations and other types of buildings. Is that set of skyscrapers blocking your view? Earn powerups and run everything over with your bulldozer. You can also detonate construction pieces and spray paint new colors to give each virtual building your personal touch. Build 'em up to knock 'em down Read More

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Crossword is more than a nine-letter word for fun, it's a challenging puzzle that drives your vocabulary forward with every game. ...The USA Today Crossword Challenge brings all the challenging, vocabulary-driven entertainment of USA Today crossword puzzles to your Nintendo DS. Pick up your stylus and prepare for a crossword challenge that never gets dull. You don't even have to go to the doorstep to access hundreds of crosswords all written by USA Today puzzle constructors. Put on your thinking cap for 15 x 15 grids that will challenge you to draw on your best word skills. Choose your method of completion and select pencil if you're not entirely sure of your answer or pen if you're feeling confident. An in-game timer lets you keep track of your fastest times. Hand-write your responses thanks to the game's handwriting recognition feature or input your answers with the full QWERTY keyboard either way, you know you're having fun and expanding your vocabulary at the same time. Rack your brain for answers to hundreds of puzzles Read More

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