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It's time for five-year-old Molly's yearly check-up with Dr Ryan, and she's scared she'll have to get a shot. Dr Ryan uses gentle ...redirection, humor, and imagination to help Molly relax and have fun during each step of the exam. As each body part gets checked, Molly is invited to imagine herself as a different animal. read more

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Received Honors for Motivation and Inspiration in the Gelett Burgess Children's Book Awards!Some people seem to just automatically... bounce back from tough times. But the truth is that resilience is not something you are born with--it must be learned. Resilience isn't just about being tough in the face of adversity, but rather learning to make connections with others, move toward goals, maintain a positive view, and accept that change is part of life. Bounce Back will help you find your bounce using quizzes, advice, and practical strategies to build up resiliency skills. read more

Magination Press
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Healing Days is a book designed to be used in therapy for young children and functions as an excellent resource for those who have... experienced physical or sexual abuse, or other trauma. Readers will follow four children as they learn ways to cope with their own trauma. Sensitive, empowering, and beautifully illustrated, the book models therapeutic coping responses and provides children with tools they may use to deal with their own trauma. A Dear Reader introduction is included for the child reader. Also available is an online Note to Parents and Caregivers. read more

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