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Blue Apple Books
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<div>Kokeshi dolls have much of the adorable appeal and charm of the ubiquitous Hello Kitty, but with much more extensive wardrobe.... This exotic coloring book features black-outlined drawing of Kokeshi (traditional Japanese wooden dolls), each with its own distinctive costume, signature color, and personal haiku. Kids are invited to color in Kimonos, sashes, fans, and other accessories, accenting their masterpieces with any of 75 stickers. Each spread has one doll with a specific personality trait and favorite color. The yellow spread is Kukiko, whose signature trait, expressed by an accompanying haiku, is joy, and the blue spread introduces Oki, who embodies creativity. It's a high-style book with an affordable price designed to provide hours of absorbing creativity and a dash of cultural flair.</div> Read More

Blue Apple Books
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<div>Dolls of the World offers stylish design and three things girls love: dolls in traditional outfits, coloring, and stickers?lo...ts of them! Thirteen different countries and regions are represented by dolls on pages that are partly colored and partly blank, allowing for plenty of creative options. And if a girl wants to take some creative license with her masterpiece?why not? Who says a girl from Sweden can't be paired with a Mexican pinata? This chic and fun gift is a perfect fit for any girl.</div> Read More

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