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House of Marbles Wooden Toys

Whether they're basic blocks or elaborate construction sets, wooden toys are a timeless way to educate and entertain kids. Future architects can use blocks of different shapes and sizes to build everything from cabins to castles. For younger children, choose natural-wood sets with fewer and larger pieces that are colored with food-safe dyes.
House of Marbles
$16.99 at Sears

A thoroughly diverting block stacking game with the added peril of falling marbles. An exciting game of strategy, chance and skill... for any number of players. Get ready for an exciting game of chance with Jericho! Players take turns to build a tower until it becomes so tall and unstable it collapes. The last player to put a block on the tower without causing it to tumble is the winner! Using only one hand at a time, players take it in turns to put one block in place each turn. Play continues until the tower collapes. An exciting game of strategy, chance and skill for any number of players! For ages 8 and up. Contents include: 48 wooden blocks, and assorted marbles Read More

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