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With the Count & Dive Penguins by VTech, mommy and her ten baby penguins are ready to jump into the tub for some learning fun! Eac...h baby easily snaps onto the mommy penguin's tummy. Once in place, she responds by identifying her baby's special number as she sings out fun phrases and identifies colors. For added fun, your child can tap the mommy's foot and the baby will release and dive into the tub! A fishing net is also included with this bath toy and is perfectly sized for catching, scooping and storing the penguin babies.Recommended Ages:1 ??? 3 Read More

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<div class="aplus"> <p>Bath time can be reading time with the Sing and Squeak Bath Book by VTech. This soft, waterproof book floats in the the tub. It plays three fun sing-along songs that teach first words, counting, and body parts. It includes a light-up music button for sing-along songs and a rubber ducky button for funny, squeaking sounds. Read the Sing and Squeak Bath Book in and out of water.</p> <div class="three-fourth-col"><div class="leftImage" style="width:220px"> <div class='leftImage' style='width: 220px;'> <img src='' alt='Reading fun while taking a bath!' width='220' height='200'/> <div class='imageCaption'>Reading fun while taking a bath!</div> </div> </div> <h4>Splish Splash?Reading Fun While Taking a Bath!</h4><p>Jump into the tub with monkey and sing along to one of the three playful sing-along songs. Next, press one of the three buttons to explore the book. Two electronic press buttons introduce first words, fun sounds, and music. The mechanical button plays a funny squeaking sound and the bubble button plays a fun counting song. Pressing the rubber ducky will play a playful song about parts of the body. The playful songs introduce first words, counting, and parts of the body.</p> <h4>Developmental Benefits</h4><p>The Sing and Squeak Bath Book is designed for babies and toddlers ages 6 to 36 months and builds independent play, language development, and discovery and exploration. The fun interactive buttons encourage independent play. The short rhyming songs promote language development and playful sing-along songs encourage parent-child interaction. The soft plastic book featuring playful illustrations encourages exploration.</p> <div class='leftImage' style='width: 220px;'> <img src='' alt='Insert Alt Text here' width='175' height='175'/> <div class='imageCaption'></div> </div> <h4>Parent Friendly Features</h4><p>This bath book was designed with parent friendly features. The automatic shut-off preserves battery life and durable design makes for long-lasting play. The book is waterproof certified to ensure bath time fun.</p> <h4>About VTech</h4><p>VTech is a world leader in age-appropriate learning toys. Since 1976, VTech has been developing high-quality, innovative educational products for children from birth to tween. VTech toys deliver "smart play" through the combination of entertaining electronic formats and engaging, age-appropriate content that helps children learn while having fun. </p> </div><div class="fourth-col last"><div class="centerImage"><img src="" alt="VTech"></div><h5 style="text-align:center">Sing and Squeak Bath Book</h5> <h4 style="text-align:center">At a Glance:</h4><ul><li>The Sing and Squeak Bath Book is a soft plastic book that floats in the bath</li><li>Book features two electronic press buttons and one mechanical button that plays squeaking sound</li><li>The book plays three playful sing-along songs</li> </ul><h4 style="text-align:center">Age/Weight Requirements:</h4><ul><li>6 to 36 months</li></ul></div><div class="break"></div></div> Read More

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