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Tiny Love Musical Toys

Music can calm a fussy baby or keep a bored toddler entertained; it can also help your little one develop her fine-motor skills. For infants, choose crib mobiles or stuffed animals that play music when squeezed. Toddlers will prefer more interactive wind-up toys, musical stacking toys, and toy pianos and drums.
Tiny Love
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Tiny Love Gymini Musical Kick and Discover Tiny Love Gymini Musical Kick and Discover gym has lots of things for baby to discover.... The gym includes 21 activities and a transportable kick pad combined with touch-sensitive effects. Babies can admire their cute reflection in the included mirror or watch the cute and funny toys dangling on the adjustable, flexible arches. Persuade baby to explore a galaxy of colors, textures and sounds and stimulate sensory and motor skills. Why Youll Love It: This multi-activity gym is equipped with features that help develop kids sensory and motor skills. Age: Newborn to 12 months Features 21 innovate activities for babys physical and mental development Transportable kick pads with visual and sound effects 4 fun characters suspended from flexible archesWeight:2 lb Read More

Tiny Love
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Tiny Love Musical Nature Stroll Tiny Love Musical Nature Stroll is enriched with fun activities to ensure two major steps during t...he course of babys development, bopping and pulling. The flexible arch and simple attachment clips stimulate and nourish babys sensory and cognitive skills. Why You?ll Love It: It promotes two-fold development of a child: bopping and catching. Age: Newborn and up Features Adjustable arches and easy attachment clips Acts as a two-stage developer for baby 3 melodies and several dangling toys and rattles to stimulate babys sensesWeight: 0.5 lb Read More

Tiny Love
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Stroller toy that stimulates baby visual development as well as gross motor skills -Easy attachment clips and angle adjustment -Su...itable for most strollers and baby carriers Developmental Skills: DexterityLocomotion Read More

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