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The First Years Teethers

The First Years
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When your baby is suffering from teething pain, there's nothing you want more than to provide her with some relief and distraction.... Solve the problem by wishing on a star: the star-shaped Massaging Action Teether from The First Years . This cleverly designed teether for baby makes it easy for your child to activate the soothing vibration by biting down: it doesn't take a lot of pressure to get it started. The corners of the teether star have a variety of textures, so babies will choose their favorite texture and busily chomp away. The squishy teether material, bumpy surfaces, and massaging vibration alleviate the swelling and discomfort of sore baby gums, and distract your baby from her teething pain, resulting in a happy baby and a happy parent! The handle on the Massaging Action Teether is designed so even very small babies can grip it; a spinner on the handle is also a fun toy, and you can hook toy straps through the handle so you can take along in your stroller or car seat. Read More

The First Years
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The textured bristles on these delightful characters introduce a sensation similar to toothbrushing. Massages gums gently, relieve...s teething discomfort, all while facilitating early dental hygiene. Bright, lightweight, easy-to-grasp and dishwasher-safe. Designs vary between the two pictured and only one will be sent. Read More

The First Years
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The corn teether has double benefits for baby; gentle vibrations from the corn cob will soothe gums and by activating the massage ...mechanism when she/he bites, baby begins to learn cause and effect. Read More

The First Years
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Playful and child friendly, this teether offers a different kind of comfort. The textured chewable star points produce a safe, soo...thing vibration whenever the child bites down on them. It's powered by a small long life battery that's sealed inside. Read More

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