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Tiny Love
$16.88 at Sears

To inspire crawling Tiny LoveŽ has created Follow Me Fred. Motorized self-rolling puppy that engages baby and stimulates physical ...movement and interaction. To best serve babys crawling needs, Follow Me Fred features a multi-directional, accordion-shaped body that can be set to move in a straight line as well as in a circular motion. In addition to being an excellent crawling motivator, Follow Me Fred also features colorful buttons that summon music and cheerful sounds. Parents will also be happy to know that Follow Me Fred comes with two speed settings to adapt to babys pace. This cheerful pup also barks and plays musical tunes when in motion. Additionally, should baby forget about her new friend, just like a real puppy, Follow Me Fred will bark after a minute or so to remind baby to play with him again. 6-9 months: In pre-crawling stage, place Follow Me Fred in circular mode. Alternate between clockwise and counterclockwise. Place the toy in front of your baby and touch to trigger its movement. 9-12 months: The cheerful music and slow movement will attract baby's attention: he will be encouraged to reach forward and eventually - to start crawling. Read More

$16.79 at Sears

Crib / Floor Play Activity Piano Entertains and Educates Music has a direct impact on the way baby's mind grows and learns; let yo...ur little one make music of his own with the Winfun Sounds N Tunes Crib Piano! This unique musical keyboard toy easily attaches to crib rails for bedtime jam sessions or can be used on the floor for other fun interactions. The piano also features bright lights to engage your little one and a reflective mirror to further engross and entertain. Musical toys like this crib / floor play activity piano can be an essential part of baby's mental and cognitive development. Babies can learn by associating actions with sounds and lights, and older children can benefit in all areas from involvement with music. Help instill healthy habits and interests in your infant by making fun musical toys part of playtime. Your little one will love tickling the piano's keys in his crib or when she's at play on the floor. Winfun Sounds N Tunes Crib Piano makes learning fun with sounds and bright lights Use this fun toy in the crib, in the stroller or even in the car Baby will love learning and expanding mental abilities by learning to associate actions with sounds Crib piano attaches to rails for bedtime jam sessions or can be used on the floor for other fun interactions Little Beethovens can use the piano on their laps or on their tummies during play time Darling animal friends depicted on the piano are whimsical and engaging Read More

Teach My
$14.99 at Sears

Teach My Baby SELF introduces your baby to the different parts of the face, using other babies and your baby's own face. Just 10-2...0 minutes a day with the award winning Teach My Baby tools and your baby can learn to recognize his or her reflection and master the parts of the face. Use the coordinated board book, nesting blocks and mirrored flashcards together to encourage repetition, interaction and fun, educational play. The set has everything you need to teach babies self awareness and give a head start! Set Includes 1 Board Book 6 Mirrored Nesting Blocks 6 Mirrored Flashcards Teaching Guide Read More

Laugh & Learn
$30.19 at Sears

Hard at work? It's time to build and play with the Learning Workbench Playtime just got a major renovation, and the final result i...s industrious fun that lasts for hours. With the Laugh and Learn Learning Workbench, your baby can pound, tap, spin, slide and drill while exploring the alphabet, counting, shapes, colors, opposites and actions, all from a play workbench modeled after the real thing. But don't worry, your kids won't need a hard hat to have fun. All they'll need is a desire for education and entertainment. Ready to get to work? Let's go! Hammering home knowledge, one fun lesson at a time! The Fisher-Price Learning Workbench puts 'fun' and 'work' back into the same sentence. Watch kids construct their own world of knowledge through three interactive learning modes and more than 15 sing-along songs and tunes, along with cheerful music, festive sounds, memory-making phrases and adorable characters. There are smiles at every 'thwack' of the hammer! They can even use a dancing drill, spinning vise, twirling paint roller, count-and-slide ruler and rattling hammer. Bright colors, smiley faces and lights complete the package. Laugh and Learn Learning Workbench, a role-playing set designed for children between 6 and 36 months old Adorable characters, rich music and lots of busy activities More than 15 sing-along songs and tunes Teaches letters, numbers, counting, opposites, shapes, colors, actions and more Action-packed features include a dancing drill, spinning vise, twirling paint roller, count-and-slide ruler, rattling hammer and three light-up pegs Read More

$24.00 at Sears

08/14/2013 A new concept in geometric learning is now available with the Wonderworld Bouncing Sorter. The Wonderworld Bouncing Sor...ter is an interactive color and shape discovery toy that encourages learning the dynamics of geometric shapes in relation to the memory of color. Equipped with a raised wooden base, the Wonderworld Bouncing Sorter has four commonly shaped holes that fit four different colored blocks; underneath the shaped holes are color-coded wooden spring tabs. Once the appropriately colored shapes are placed in their fitted cut-outs, a push on the color-coded tabs will eject the shape out of its hole in a spring-like manner. The Wonderworld Bouncing Sorter interactive color and shape discovery set opens the door to learning with a fun and exciting process that is sure to keep your baby entertained for hours. Read More

$24.86 at Sears

Ball-popping fun with Musical Dino Yippee! There's tons of ball-popping action with the Fisher-Price Poppity Pop Musical Dino. Bab...ies and toddlers can place balls in the dino to see them pop up or roll down the chute and out of his mouth. What happens next is always a surprise for your little one. The friendly dino is full of lively music and fun sounds, rewarding your child with each spin of the roller. The Musical Dino is an interactive toy that will excite young children and help them develop hand-eye coordination, cause and effect, and gross motor skills. With eight silly tunes and fun sounds built in, it provides rich musical rewards for your babies' playtime. The Musical Dino includes six colorful balls for put-and-take playful fun. Fisher-Price Poppity Pop Musical Dino offers tons of ball-popping action Six colorful balls bounce around on dino's back and roll down the chute Musical fun with eight silly tunes and built-in sound effects Helps develop hand-eye coordination, cause and effect, and gross motor skills For ages 6 to 36 months Requires 3 C batteries (not included) Read More

Bright Starts
$10.99 at Sears

A Fun Pad To Stimulate Your Little One?s Senses Playtime is often underrated. When babies and toddlers play, they are laying the f...oundations for future development. Responding to lights, interpreting sounds, using hands and fingers, these are all a basis for important activities later in life. That?s why Bright Starts developed the Lights and Sounds Fun Pad. Featuring colored lights, a plethora of sounds along with a host of interactive buttons and switches, this pad not only teaches your little one the fundamentals of interpreting various forms of communication, but how to interact with the outside world! ront p? t<?E0?.> Material: Cotton Imported Bright colors and patterns Interactive buttons Colorful Lights Engaging sounds Material: Polyester/Electronics Imported Find the right toy for your little one in our toys and games collection Read More

$10.99 at Sears

Smilin' Smart Phone Dials Up Some Fun Give your baby a jump on the learning curve with the Laugh and Learn Smilin' Smart Phone. Wa...tch baby's eyes sparkle and hear them laugh as they sing along to over 10 tunes and learn realistic sounds emitted by the brightly colored phone. With over 9 easily activated, light-up buttons, baby never knows what fun sound will be next. The Smilin' Smart Phone lives to its name as it teaches baby the alphabet, numbers and colors while providing them with true entertainment. The phone helps them learn different greetings, ways to say goodbye, assorted weather phrases-everything baby needs to know to get the best start in life. You'll be amazed by how much your baby learns everyday as you watch them answer the phone and have imaginary conversations. The phone is so lightweight and compact, it easily fits into a purse or diaper bag so baby can have it all the time-just like adult smart phones! Laugh and Learn Smilin' Smart Phone is recommended for boys and girls ages six months and up No assembly required-ready to use right out of the box Includes three AAA (R03) 1,5V batteries. When replacing, use LR03 alkaline batteries 5 x 3 x 1.5 inches and an 8 ounce weight for easy transport and storage Easy to clean away tiny fingerprints with a damp cloth Develops motor skills and hand/eye coordination Teaches identification of colors, numbers, shapes, and ABCs Promotes social interaction, sharing and teamwork Encourages talking, singing and sound recognition Improves coordination skills Clear instructions included to help get the most out of all the features Read More

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