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Kushies Beanstax are a collection of 12 whimsical, vibrantly-colored, multi-textured little beanbag figures that look as though th...eyGve popped off a Picasso canvas. What to do with the little guys? TheyGre meant to stimulate imagination G there are no rules, no guidelines, no right or wrong way to play G and create open-minded, flexible thinkers. Each figure is unique, expressive and endlessly satisfying to the touch and the eye. Babies will first chew on them, later progressing to explore the beanbagsG variety of tactile properties. Beanstax can be stacked, squished, tumbled or tossed, so throw a few into the crib or scatter them on the blanket during tummy time for interest and giggles. Or create a sculpture for your little one to mush and mash. The set is packed in a see-through vinyl storage bag with handle, which itself can be used as part of the play experience. Toddlers like piling them in, dumping them out and carrying them about. Read More

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