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Simple shape, surprising sound! This cutie is small-sized, just right for baby’s little fingers to explore. Lightly stuffed critte...r has textured feet, perfect for touching, tugging and teething. Duck is soft & snuggly and has a squeaky pudgy belly!Buttery yellow velour with canvas toes & nose, and happy hands that crinkle Dandelion is a family owned, family-focused company. Smart parents are more concerned than ever about what babies touch and teethe, and the Dandelion brand gives you peace of mind. Dandelion offers a sophisticated look while reflecting a back-to-basics style. Machine washable 7 small inches, including handy Recommended Ages: 0 months & up read more


Simple shape, surprising sounds! This cutie has textured feet and happy hands that crinkle. Small-sized and lightly stuffed, Duck perfect for touching, tugging and teething. Baby will delight at discovering where the sounds hide! Duck is soft & snuggly and has a squeaky pudgy belly! Made with organic cotton fibers, Filled with soft corn fibers, Machine Washable. 7 inches, including handy hanging loop. read more


Kids can't resist a cute puppy. Our soft ring rattle doggie is tuff enough to take it pull his floppy ears and shake up a dog gone... good time. Whimsical ring rattles are soft, and easy to grasp. Floppy features provide guaranteed giggles. Ring rattles are individually hand crocheted using shiny bamboo fibers, and softly filled with corn stuffing. Non-toxic and tested at the highest standards for safety, Dandelion toys are a natural fit for your family. Measures 4 read more

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