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Giving your child the opportunity to express his imagination through painting is a stroke of genius. To craft his next refrigerator-worthy creation, he'll need paint and paintbrushes. Bristle brushes come in a wide range of shapes and sizes for covering large areas or doing fine-detail work. Foam brushes are an easy-to-use option for little kids; they also can be used to add interesting texture to any painting.
Charles Leonard
$5.71 $14.55 at Walmart

Paint brushes are made with fine-grade, natural black bristles held in seamless, double-crimped, polished aluminum ferrules. also feature lacquer-finished, natural, hardwood handles. Read More

Alex Toys
$6.99 $11.95 at Ebeanstalk

An Assortment of paint brushes for the budding artist. - Assortment of fantastic 7 paint brushes. - 2 chubby brushes. - 3 medium b...rushes. - 2 fine brushes. - Packaged in a vinyl pouch that is suitable for storage. Read More

Alex Toys
$4.99 $9.95 at Ebeanstalk

These are awesome because they are like paint brushes but are actually markers! - Set of 12 bright, long lasting brush tip markers.... - Creates a variety of strokes in a rainbow of colors. - The soft durable tips are tapered to work just like a paint brush. Read More

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