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Dover Publications Arts & Crafts Sets

Dover Publications
$16.99 at Ebeanstalk

Turn up the heat with this value-priced set of four-alarm festivities! Comes with: Freddy the Fireman sticker paper doll, 2 comple...te coloring books, 51 full-color stickers, 10 red-hot tattoos, 6 precut stencils, Squirting toy fire hydrant, Crayons Read More

Dover Publications
$11.99 at Ebeanstalk

Kids can use their imagination to finish the 62 sketches in this interactive drawing workbook. -Incomplete drawings offer the opportunity to decorate a butterfly's wings, draw a gorilla pack leader, illustrate what's caught in a boa constrictor's coils, show what angers a charging rhino, and more. Developmental Skills: DexterityEducationImagination Read More

Dover Publications
$7.99 at Ebeanstalk

Perfect for children ages 6 and up, this book of doodles is loaded with images of land and sea creatures, each with something -Budding artists can add tentacles to an octopus, decorate a hermit crab's shell, provide a teeth for a grinning crocodile, and draw other simple details. -More than 120 illustrations. Developmental Skills: DexterityImagination Read More

Dover Publications
$19.99 at Ebeanstalk

The ultimate doodle collection, here are 240 fun pictures for kids to finish: animals, people, cars, and so much more. -What to Do...odle? Everything! , 120 incomplete illustrations -What to Doodle? When I Grow Up! , 60 almost-finished drawings -What to Doodle? At the Zoo Little Activity Book , 60 unfinished drawings of a crocodile, toucan, and more -Jumbo drawing pencil Developmental Skills: DexterityImagination Read More

Dover Publications
$13.97 at Ebeanstalk

Join Professor Penny, Sahara Sally, and other intrepid explorers for an action-packed trip around the world. -In the course of you...r globetrotting, you'll make your own compass, follow a mountain maze, search for stolen jewels, and solve puzzles galore. -Traverse Crocodile Creek, jump into a Jungle Jumble, and seek out Cleopatra's Crown, Nefertiti's Necklace, and other rare prizes. -Kids ages 6 and up will discover a treasure trove of colorful fun that includes a punch-out board game, more than 90 stickers, mask-making, and other imaginative activities. Developmental Skills: ImaginationSocial Read More

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