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American Girl
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Warning! This book is packed with tricky trails, state stumpers, and other terra troubles. Take a trip to Innerstar University and... try to make sense of the misprinted maps, muddled directions, and other puzzling problems on campus, in the United States, and abroad. Plus, 50 tearout flash cards will help make learning facts about the states fast and fun! Read More

American Girl
$6.79 at Amazon

Treat your brain to hours of mind-boggling fun with this puzzle book. You'll moan, groan, chuckle, and cheer as you steer your way... through challenging cross grids, tricky teaser, clever crosswords, silly riddles, and so much more! Read More

American Girl
$12.95 at Amazon

Words, words, words! Show off a fab vocab by solving the plethora of word puzzles plunked inside this book. You'll master the word...s you use in everyday life, plus explore silly words, long words, serious words, unusual words, foreign words, and words that sound just like they look. Join Shelby and the other Innerstar University guides as they revel in the value of a vast vocabulary. Includes a "quictionary" and flashcards to help transform you into a word whiz! Read More

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