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Playskool Spiderman Action Figures

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Playskool Heroes Marvel Super Hero Adventures Spider-Man Crane Capture Track Set Swing the crane and snap the trap on Electro with... the Spider-Man Crane Capture Track set! This amazing playset comes with a special edition Spider-Man figure for your little hero to send racing down the track on his racer toward the Electro character. The figure's hands grab the swing bar on the crane so he can swing it toward Electro! Can Spider-Man nab the villain with the grabber before he does more dastardly deeds? The blocks go anywhere for smashing action, and the 27-inch track connects in different ways. It also works with Action Figure Racing vehicles and launchers (sold separately) for even more web-slinging fun! With the Crane Capture Track set, the scene is set for saving the day again and again! Product Features Special edition Spider-Man figure Spider-Man figure captures Electro with the trap on the spinning crane Build track set up to 27 inches long Track works with Action Figure Racing vehicles and launchers - sold separately Includes playset, Spider-Man figure, Electro character, racer, 2-piece wall, and instructions Recommended Ages: 3 Years and up Product Measures: 3.628 x 15.984 x 10.748 inches Read More

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Little web-slingers are going to go crazy for Spidey's Spider Strike Plane! This chunky little vehicle is the right size for your ...little hero, and he'll have a ton of fun in all his Spider-Man adventures. The included Spider-Man figure fits in the seat, and with the press of a button he can launch 2 web projectiles at the bad guys! When your child squeezes the figure's legs, Spidey's hand shoots out for a web strike! Give your little guy even better Spider-Man fun with the Spider Strike Plane! <br><br> Marvel products are produced by Hasbro under license from Marvel Characters B.V. Read More

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One bite from a radioactive spider changed Peter Parker's life forever, giving him super-human powers and amazing wall-crawling ab...ility. Wearing the mask that has made him a legend, he battles evil wherever a hero is needed, as the one-and-only Spider-Man! Evildoers don't stand a chance against your little hero and his Web Strike Tank vehicle! This tough armored vehicle is loaded with web-slingin' weaponry, like the capture trap that grabs villains and the stinger that launches from the vehicle's stinger tail. It's just the right size for his little hands, and he can slide the cockpit open and put the included Spider-Man figure at the controls. Give your little web-slinger a tank-and-hero duo with the Web Strike Tank vehicle! Playskool and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro. Marvel products are produced by Hasbro under license from Marvel Characters B.V. Read More

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