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Tommo Toys & Games

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An arcade classic reinvented for the Nintendo Wii system. Utilizing the controls of the Nintendo Wii, you can literally dodge your... attackers and take control of the action! With beautiful graphics that depicts the beauty of ancient China from which this story came, users will be able to fly in the shoes of the legendary Monkey King and relive the tale for which he became famous. Read More

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Chuck E Cheese's PlayhouseThe smart series is back with the whole Chuck E. Cheese crew for even more fun!Following on the heels of... the first and only developmentally appropriate game for the Nintendo DS Chuck E. Cheese's Playhouse is a diverse title with fun creative and skill building games that you would expect to find at Chuck E. Cheese locations. This wholesome title is a must have for the youngest girl gamer whole collection of games feature casual and learning play at various skill levels. Going to Chuck E. Cheese has never been so easy of so fun!Features: Fun for Girls - An assortment of mini-games specifically designed with young girls in mind. Wholesome Skill Building Mini-Games - 13 mini-games designed to enhance your child's creativity hand eye coordination shape recognition talents and more this title will keep your little one occupied for hours in a familiar Chuck E. Cheese theme! Entry Point/Age Appropriate - Perfectly designed with the youngest gamers in mind our title delivers on providing Read More

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Explore ancient Japan to find a cure. The Snow Goddess Sayuki will battle ghosts, monsters and evil demons to gather the necessary... ingredients to create a cure for her beloved, a common boy in the town village. Though their union is forbidden, she will traverse all of ancient Japan to save the one she loves. Read More

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Tommo Florist Shop (Nintendo DS)

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Find video games at! It's a race against time to reach the finish line. Rotate and power up as you utilize gravity in t...his remake on the Nintendo DS. A classic arcade title has been reborn bringing the fun and excitement of pinball action in the vein of Breakout. This retro title has been enhanced with better graphics, gameplay and the ability to use both screens. If you???re a fan an action puzzle fan, this title is for you. Read More

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Dungeon RaidersStart off on a grand adventure with a team of sketchy heroes to rescue your friend!Control a band of misfits as you... explore massive dungeons fight off crazed creatures elude booby traps and solve dozens of puzzles in your quest to rescue your friend who was kidnapped by his father and sent to hell so he could assume responsibility for the family 'business'. From the halls of Count Dracula's retirement castle to the heart of the Egyptian pyramids to hell itself Dungeon Raiders will take you on a hilarious tongue-in-cheek and fun filled journey!Features: Lead and control a team of three wild heroes each with their own style and personality. A crazed universe filled with 20 unique dungeons to explore in various locations. Numerous puzzles to solve and booby traps to overe using special DS functions. An original magic system and outrageous spells to unlock including the Speed Fart Telekinesis or Splitting all drawn in real time on the Touch Screen. Improve and evolve your heroes' skills to Read More

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Fully featured 8 button arcade stick for PS3. It has Turbo and macro function buttons, Home function button for full console contr...ol. Compatible with all fighting, action, shooting and classic games.Features include: -Fully featured 8 button arcade stick -Turbo and Marco function buttons-HOME button for full console control-Full arcade realism Read More

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