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Busy Scissors is the first hair cutting and styling game of its kind for the Nintendo Wii and DS. Aspiring stylists of all ages, you ready to train with Bizzy at the Busy Scissors salon? Put your best hair forward and see if you can make the cut! Are You Ready To Get Busy? Get ready to color, shampoo, cut, blow dry, and style hair with the Wii remote. Players earn reputation and advance their career in a Hollywood based salon by meeting the demands of their glamorous and eccentric clientele, from celebrities to high-end fashion designers and world famous rock stars! The game progresses as they help unlock each client's inner potential by finding their unique outward style. The game features over 30 hairstyles, 20 mini-games and 6 career levels, which provide a dynamic combination of realistic gameplay, humor, and entertainment. Manifest Oranj, the game's developer, spent months working with industry experts to emulate the real hair styles used in the game. Each salon technique was demonstrated and filmed by the team, before it was re-created in 3D and designed as a mini-game.Features include: -Available for Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS game systems -30 plus real hairstyles with 7 different cutting techniques-6 career levels from Junior Assistant to Salon Owner-20 plus immersive mini-games based on real styling techniques-4 play modes including Story, Practice, Quick play, and Freestyle Read More

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The UnderGarden is a casual Zen game that challenges players to explore beautiful underground caverns filled with strange lifeform...s, sounds, music and plenty of hidden secrets. Casual gamers with an affinity towards puzzle games will enjoy The UnderGarden's modern exploration quest filled with brain-teasing games that combine state-of-the-art 3D rendering and physics-based puzzles. Players traverse large underground worlds in search of members of their musical band. The goal is to bring them together and lead them to the surface. Along the way, players will encounter puzzles that must be solved and strange lifeforms that must be befriended or avoided. This game provides a truly visceral and relaxing gameplay experience that gamers will enjoy as a contrast to the frenzied action of most popular core titles. Email delivery with digital code. Read More

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Domino Rally, a Nintendo console exclusive, is a comedy based general action game.

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Chuck E Cheese's PlayhouseThe smart series is back with the whole Chuck E. Cheese crew for even more fun!Following on the heels of... the first and only developmentally appropriate game for the Nintendo DS Chuck E. Cheese's Playhouse is a diverse title with fun creative and skill building games that you would expect to find at Chuck E. Cheese locations. This wholesome title is a must have for the youngest girl gamer whole collection of games feature casual and learning play at various skill levels. Going to Chuck E. Cheese has never been so easy of so fun!Features: Fun for Girls - An assortment of mini-games specifically designed with young girls in mind. Wholesome Skill Building Mini-Games - 13 mini-games designed to enhance your child's creativity hand eye coordination shape recognition talents and more this title will keep your little one occupied for hours in a familiar Chuck E. Cheese theme! Entry Point/Age Appropriate - Perfectly designed with the youngest gamers in mind our title delivers on providing Read More

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Tommo Florist Shop (Nintendo DS)

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