ThinkGeek Timmy Hooded Blanket

Monkey hugs We've been known to sit in front of the monkey cage for hours and hours whenever we go to the zoo. It's so much fun to watch them swing from branch to branch, pick bugs out of each other's fur, and fling poo. Sometimes, we wish ...we could go in there and get a hug from a monkey. Then we remember the restraining order we have from our previous favorite zoo. Oops. With the Huggable Timmy Hooded Blanket, you can achieve a couple of different objectives. One: You can hug a monkey. When Timmy is in plush form, he is very huggable and squeezable and won't even complain if you call him George. Two: You can be hugged by a monkey. Undo the Velcro strap and Timmy transforms into a hooded blanket that you can wrap around yourself like a cozy warm hug. Three: With the hood on, you can pretend you are a very large monkey and break into the monkey cage at your local zoo. Actually, ThinkGeek doesn't suggest you do that last part. Product Specifications Converts from a huggable stuffed monkey into a comfy hooded blanket Made from super soft, high quality chenille fleece Velcro strap holds Timmy in plush form Safer than being hugged by a real monkey Blanket dimensions: 47" wide x 36" tall Handwash only Read More

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