ThinkGeek Theremin Mini Kit

OooooooEEEEEEEEOooooooo! To those who study it, music is the perfect combination of science and art. So much science goes into getting a tone and so much art goes into getting that tone to move our hearts and dreams. And then some instrumen...ts add magic to the mix, like the Theremin. Ain't no science there, it's all magic. Silliness aside, if you've ever wanted to play the Theremin, have we got an entry-level kit for you. We call it, simply, the Theremin Mini Kit. The Theremin Mini Kit is super easy to assemble (the electronics arrive already soldered together), but takes practice to master. The gorgeous (and totally in Japanese) magazine included has tons of pictures and articles. You'll be enjoying the outer space sounds of your Theremin Mini Kit in less than half an hour, and your coworkers will love it, too. Especially when you practice with your Theremin on loud during your lunch breaks. Trust us. Get a Theremin Mini Kit today and maybe 2013 will be your year of making space music, just like Léon would want you to. Please Note: The magazine and instructions included with this kit are in Japanese. For English instructions click here. Theremin Mini Kit Easy-to-assemble, entry-level Theremin kit for you to make music with. No soldering needed (circuit board is fully assembled). Japanese magazine included with additional pictures and articles. Assembles with just a Philips screwdriver (not included). Two volume levels (controlled by on/off switch). Mini sheet music included. Built-in speaker. Batteries: 4 AA (not included). Dimensions: approx. 3.15" x 3.15" x 4.72" (not including antenna and switch) Read More

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