ThinkGeek Pocket Ref, 4th edition

Featured on Mythbusters New 4th Edition has 96 new pages and thousands of updates! How many times have you found yourself sitting in your office, staring at a nail sticking out of the wall, and wondering if it is a Finishing Nail or a Casin...g Nail? Well, if you had the Pocket Ref, 4th edition, you could turn to page 254 for a picture of many different types of nails and find out for sure. Or, maybe you are traveling to Japan for the first time and see a really awesome jacket you just have to have. But what size are you? Turn to page 321 of your Pocket Ref, 4th edition. The Pocket Ref, 4th edition really does seem to be the Holy Grail of information. It is small, yes, but loaded with facts, figures, tables, and illustrations of almost any subject you can imagine. Here's a few to whet your interest and illustrate the depth of this book: Trailer Wiring Auto Travel Charts Carpentry and Construction International Electric Sockets and Voltage First Aid Glues and Solvents Car Rental 800 Numbers Country Codes and Information Proofreading Marks 50 Most Common Knots Metal Hardness Scale Weather Map Symbols Tip Table Geology Math, Science and Physics and MUCH, MUCH MORE! Seriously, this book is so awesome, it caused Adam Savage (yes, the Adam Savage from Mythbusters) to joyfully exclaim, "It's got everything in it.... It should be in everyone's toolbox." We'll let that quote speak for itself. Dimensions: 3.2" x 5.4" x 0.9" Read More

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